You're Not Out Of The Woods Just Yet

Kiss of Death- so sweet & so bitter.  Those who have bought it and heard their names knew they had only one chance to deter me from bringing them complete destruction. If you’re a good boy you don’t need to worry about it. This was meant only for the few who have gotten on my bad side. If you didn’t hear your name on the list don’t feel so confident, Kiss of Death Deux will be released very soon.

Jordan didn’t think he was on the list, but then he bought it and heard me speaking directly to him. He was aroused by that and didn’t really think I’d go through with it. After a few minutes of putting it together I released “Kiss of Death Victim 1: Jordan ****” on c4s, which he quickly bought up and soon realized I was not kidding.

Jordan paid the required amount to have the clip removed, but he knows  if he tries to fuck with me again that I will not only release the video on C4S but I will include the HOME ADDRESS of his mom on it, and I will command ALL of my slaves to buy it and print out the sissy photos and mail them directly to her. Jordan is now on his best behavior. While I appreciate being adored and worshiped without having to use force, that’s the bulk of my MO, once in a while its fun to teach a hard lesson to those who need it.

If you’re on the LIST and you don’t know it because you’re too cheap to pay $34.99 for a 10 minute video do not be surprised or blame me when your life slowly starts coming apart from the inside out.

You’re LUCKY c4s has such a low cap off. I’m not sure how they decide their pricing but its BULL. For a 34min video I can only charge up to $38 but for a 10 min I can charge up to $34. Makes no sense right. I will continue using c4s for now because I don’t have a private members area but I am still considering making one where I will charge what I want for my clips. They are worth MUCH more, you boys have been getting them at a steal. I really do not appreciate the low pricing of c4s. Since they have a Financial Domination category you would think those clips at least could be priced higher. The first time I went to price a clip I was shocked by how low I was going to have to set it.

Yes, I did prune the c4s store and I can’t promise I won’t be pruning it again in the future. I’m VERY fickle. One reason I can’t stand my wishlist because I add things to it one day, forget all about it, and a month later get gifts of things I don’t want. Also, I remove items I’ve added to it but before I remove the item people have added it to their cart and then buy it. Which means 1. I get gifts in the mail that are items I have deleted from my wishlist & 2. Sometimes I get multiples.

— — — –This is for YOU. YOU know who YOU are.– — –  —

You swoop into my life and bestow me with the things I deserve. It makes your legs shake. You find yourself unable to control your urges, which has been the barrier keeping you from indulging more. Lately you’ve felt the fight slipping out of your hands, again you are losing control and again you get lost in that feeling.

Its dawned on you that no matter how hard you try to keep away you are only tightening your bonds to me. Go ahead, pull on the restraints, it only makes the seize that much sweeter.

Its obvious I enjoy the slow and steady breakdown of your defenses. You like it when I’m pleased. You like it when I’m in control. You like it when I take money that you worked hard for. It makes you feel weak, and you can’t explain just how GOOOOOOD it feels to be that weak for another person.

You’re aching to feel that again, its becoming unbearable. Your need to submit to me far outweighs your fears, and you are ready to give to me in the way I deserve. Its nothing you can fight, you realize that now. You give up your last bit of resistance and admit you are already an addicted puppet.

The time has come. There is only one thing for you to do now, I don’t have to spell it out do I..
goddess.posh yahoo ID

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11 years ago

Goddess Posh is very powerful, so i warn You not to be in Her bad side as i did. Otherwise You will suffer the consequences ! i am now Her Posh puppet for a whole week in order to be forgiven for my lack of respect.

Goddess Posh is not only beautiful but She is also be able to touch Your weak points very easily, so be careful !