You’re an ADDICT That’s Why You Always Come Back

You’re an ADDICT That’s Why You Always Come Back

I’ve been online raping you boys since 2007. I wasn’t here in 1999 when online Financial Domination was first heard of, because I was 15 in high school. So no I can’t say I am part of the original crew of Financial Dommes. But when I made my first Financial Domination niteflirt listing it was August 2007 and I had studied the world of Financial Domination since Jan 2007 when I was first exposed to it. I didn’t just hop online expecting to get rich. I knew it wouldn’t be like that and I didn’t want it to be. I was invigorated and inspired by this lifestyle. I wanted to delve into it and be part of it, because it felt natural to me. It excited me. It brought me from a point in life where I was being perceived as a sweet little girl to being perceived as a powerful sexy woman. I knew Financial Domination was MY path. So I respected and I learned from those who were here before me. I miss that feeling of a tight knit community we use to have when Financial Domination was more underground.

There are so many newbies joining daily I can’t keep up anymore. I’ve tried joining some of the social communities that are still around but they mostly are flooded with so many new girls I just feel out of place there. I wish there was a community for Financial Dommes that have been established for over a certain length of time. Maybe that is snobby of me, but it’s more of a nostalgic thing at this point. Even on twitter, where I can control who I follow, I am still flooded with photos/tweets/vids etc from ‘insta’ girls. I mean more power to them, to the women who want to be part of this.. I encourage other women to grab life by the horns and succeed, as I have done. But I would like to see a place where experienced established financial Dommes can go and enjoy reminiscing, feel nostalgic together.. etc etc..

It’s obvious that I have paved my own way in this world, as I may have similarities to others but in general I am very original and one of a kind. I have not lived by anyone’s standards or expectations of what a Financial Domme ought to be but my own, while at the same time making sure to respect the world of financial domination and what it means. I have shown that I can rape and drain wallets without mercy in fast quick binges, or I can slowly rape you over time.. over YEARS.. and make you love it while you are being destroyed.. and I have shown that I am not going anywhere. All these new girls are not a threat to me. Most of them just mimic my style, and the style of other established financial dommes, and by doing so kick themselves in the butt. Because not being yourself is one of the quickest ways to be washed out of this scene.

Anyway, the point is that I have been here taking control over your finances for quite a while now. For someone to last as long as I have done in this ‘scene’ proves that I have what it takes to make your wallet BLEED GREEN. I am REAL. I’m not just some shiny sparkly newbie who has modeled herself after all those that came before her and then acts like the main authority of financial domination. Those girls are the one’s that get on my nerves. Hey it’s called RESPECT. When I made my debut online I certainly did not act like I was gods gift to financial domination and nobody before me knew what they were doing and nobody after me did either.. That’s how a lot of newbies act. I think that is why it irritates some people. But anyway psychoanalyzing the scene aside, the point is that you boys might get distracted by the shiny sparkly newbies but that’s all it is. Just a distraction. A replication of the REAL thing. The real thing being MYSELF and other true Financial Dommes, of course.

That’s why you’re still here. That’s why I rub it in your face often. It amuses me how long you’ve actually been obsessing over me. So maybe you aren’t one of those boys that has given in yet. Maybe you’ve been observing me since 2007 and have watched my progression with admiration and respect without ever having contributed one time. Maybe you have given in once or twice, but have managed to resist SPENDING since.. but you haven’t resisted looking, thinking, wishing. Maybe you have served me as a full fledged Posh slave and devoted yourself entirely to my pleasure, obeyed my every command, cherished my every word, and worshiped the ground I walked on before losing your way and now you’re pining for me, missing me.. hurting to be close to me again. Whatever the case may be, you’re still coming back here and while you might try to live in denial telling yourself you can look and not touch and therefore pat yourself on the back for being so strong and having such self-control.. I know the real reason, I know the truth. You’re here to get a taste. To get a feel. You’re being selfish, trying to get some for yourself without giving anything to me. You’re trying to get a hit of your favorite drug, without having to ‘pay the price’.. that’s not self-control. That’s not strength. That’s PATHETIC. That’s denial. That’s helpless addiction slowly starting to ease it’s way up out of your core.. slowly starting to ease it’s way into your life.. slowly taking over.. that’s you taking one step closer to what I’m offering.

And what exactly am I offering? I’m offering you the opportunity to serve me, and through your financial sacrifice you will find salvation.. or maybe you will only find pain and suffering..  does it matter what you will find? What matters is that I am served, not what you get out of it. Thinking about what you get out of serving me is not serving..serving means you set yourself aside, put yourself out there, and sacrifice yourself for another person or purpose. You don’t serve to get something back, or it’s not SERVING. What should motivate you is serving ME. That is all the motivation you need. Putting a smile on my face. Adding some pleasure, joy and light into my world. Knowing you’re providing comfort and leisure and luxury to Me is all you need to keep you in the right frame of mind.

So you think you’re so tough and strong? You think you can resist MY call? No, you can’t. Wanting to is dumb. It’s selfish of you to want to DENY to me what I desire. You’re not tough because you keep coming back to my website wishing you could feed my financial lust only to walk away instead. No bitch, that’s not tough at all. That’s pathetic! This is why I am here, this is why you are here.. to worship and serve ME, MY financial lust, MY greed, MY desires.. to kneel in submissive worship of ME.. why else would you be here? It’s 2015 and you still can’t stop yourself. YOU’RE AN ADDICT, THAT’S WHY YOU ALWAYS COME BACK. You’re fucked.

I want an gift card sent to with a message on it from you, I want it to declare your weakness for me and to admit your inferiority. I want it right now puppet..

Ps. Don’t you just LOVE the new look on my site. I love it! You can thank me for having my site made even more beautiful and addictive with a TRIBUTE. Look at me, you know what I want.. why else would I be looking at you like that with my hand extended..

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