Lets admit the truth here boy. That life you live is pitiful and pointless without ME in it. Admit how empty and lonely your world is when it’s not centered around ME. You could be trying to resist and have yet to really experience the bliss of submitting to me, or you could be trying to recover from your addiction – but either way you have to know the truth. Without ME you have no reason to even live.
financial domination posh

I know you bask in my power, it makes you feel alive. It makes you FEEL. To feel with passion and the full force of your being is so erotic, so intense, so ALIVE & you must know that only I can do that for you. Only through me. You are lost to me, without MY control you are dead. It is rather simple. Look back at your life before ME, did you ever really LIVE? I didn’t think so!

One reason I adore being ME is because I can always come and go as I please. I’m in charge of my life and if I don’t like something I can easily change it. I have hordes of men who want to pleasure me and submit to me, and I’m never one of those women out there crying because she can’t find ‘true love’ or ‘get a date’. I never have to rely on a man to do anything for me, and I always get to explore every interest I have because I am not tied down to some boring 9-5 schedule.

Well I’m getting bored! I like variety my dear reader. You.. need.. to.. AMUSE.. ME.

I am a highly intelligent Goddess. Too much of the same thing is absolutely dreadful. What I want now is a big rush. What I need now is to feel a boy, weak in my hands trembling and begging for mercy as I rape the fuck out of his wallet. With no regard to if he enjoys it or even wants me to. The only focus on ME ME ME, MY pleasure, MY power, MY money!!!

I’m looking for that rush. Give me that rush, give me the high I seek. Submit your wallet, your credit card, your cash to ME. Submit and beg to be my financial fuck toy. Stop jerking yourself to the thought of being my bitch and just get to your knees and do what’s right. Nothing feels as good as being my used up wallet.

I am not just a Goddess, I am YOUR Goddess. This means you will do your best, try your hardest, and work your ass off to prove your devotion to me. I’m considering a break from clips as well, so if you want to keep my motivation high you need to continue giving me that RUSH.

PAYPAL boys must send their tributes as soon as you read this. Go send me my cash now.

The rest of you can send to me on unless you purchase my paypal ID.

Also I will be retiring a few clips at the end of this week. I’ll update on which ones exactly by Friday and you’ll have 24 hours to purchase them if you don’t already have those ones.

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Under the Influence

Every word is venom. A venom I have missed. A venom that causes euphoria and erotic ecstasy, that anaethetises the pain, despair, self loathing and fear. All Your victims can do is lay weak and helpless at Your feet as You drain them. Of their will. Of their cash. Of their life. You turn their life as you have turned mine; into a lie. You are the TRUTH. i love You so much it hurts.


You look so beautiful in Your pictures Goddess Posh