Your Heart Beats For Me: Financial Slavery

UPDATE: Princess Addiction ( and I have collaborated on an amazing mindfuck brainwashing clip. It is going to drive you CRAZY for us. Here is a preview and as always you can find the full version here in my clips4sale studio.

What I desire is a deep meaningful connection with money slaves. I post my clips because my personality and exactly who I am and what I want shine through on each and every file I produce. These files aren’t meant to be jerk off material for perverts, but I know it is impossible to avoid that if I plan on meeting true quality financial slaves. All of these clips and mp3’s I make share at least one common theme- they were meant to inspire you to want more from me. To want more from yourself as a man, to want to give and be taken from, to want to serve and worship a Goddess that you can not resist.

They are simply a building block to more for those who otherwise may not have heard of me, or even brainwashing/financial domination before. I have met many slaves through clips4sale, even some of my most loyal pets have come from there. I understand some were not even into this fetish but found ME on the front page and instantly felt drawn into my world. This is exactly what I wanted to happen. I wanted to reach men who did not even know their potential as a dedicated puppet and bring them to that place.

Do you want to be a dedicated puppet for me? Do you want to wake up each day with purpose and light, and know that if you put a smile on MY face that you WILL have been successful?

Yesterday a boy who is thoroughly obsessed with me (though not a slave- more a love struck puppy) confessed he does not think me sadistic, but rather sweet and kind. I said, maybe you should ask Paul about this and he said maybe I better not. The fact is I am a kind person, and that shows through every one of my clips in my big stunning eyes. You can see the warmth as I invite you in. But sadism does not make a person unkind, does it? I do in fact get off on emotional & financial sadism.

My brand of financial domination is unique in this scene, and there is just something about it that draws you right in. Now, I feed off of people’s emotions and I generally feel urges in response to who you are. You might be one of the lucky few who I don’t actually take an interest in emotionally torturing, but you will ALWAYS be used and manipulated out of your (MY) money.

I’ve met a new slave who is drawn to my innocence, knowing behind that there is a desire in me to conquer and destroy men. He knows I have a financial lust that is insatiable. He knows I want to drain him every single day for the rest of his life until there is nothing left. Yet, he can not stay away from me. The excitement from fear, it penetrates his flesh and pushes him right into my world where I will feast on his weaknesses. His potential to be a long time money slave, one who I dance around his heart seductively to the beat of 1000 times a minute before shattering it into a million pieces again and again, is amazing. I will take him on a ride up and down through highs and lows that he will have no control over, and he will always come to me on his knees BEGGING for more. I will addict him to my twisted ways of love and drain all of his cash while manipulating his will. This is the life of a Posh money slave, this is your life.

In case you missed it the fee to access MY VIP posts is a mere $200.00. For that price you will be given a one time password that will allow you access to ALL private posts. I plan on making this journal much more exclusive, I simply do not want all of you to be reading my words when you aren’t man enough to live up to your position in life as a money pet. Since I require money salves and pay pets at my feet I see no reason WHY you should all be allowed such full access to my financial domination mindfuck journal. Why should I allow broke perverts to read MY words. However, I’ll obviously only make some of my posts VIP because I know you will feel pure addiction as you read my journal and want nothing more than to give in to me.

This means all of you still have limited access to what I write, but as you can see I already have an exclusive VIP photos post as well as a BRAG post (and those are far and few between). Believe me, you are truly missing out if you don’t give in. One, because giving into me is the BEST feeling you will ever experience. It’s basically indescribable. Two, you are losing out on the chance to witness exactly how much CASH I take from MY loyal addicted puppets.

Link to my post explaining how to GET VIP access:

Because I am also so generous and KNOW my files will weaken you like no other I’ve created 5 extraordinary clips in the past two days that are breath-taking. I am absolutely 100% divine Goddess. I wreak havoc on your self-control, you will have NONE left when I am through with you. I expect you to be a good puppet and buy each and every file which you can find here: &

These include breast worship, goddess worship, blond, religion, hypno-enchantment, brainwashing, addiction, love & of course as ALWAYS financial domination.

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OMG what a great clip, Princess Jennifer & Goddess Posh are amazing and addictive, thank you Princess Jennifer to allow me to buy it !!!!