You Give, Me Take

You Give, Me Take

Currently I am interested in cash and giftcards. I’ll gladly take that money out of your hands, I know it’s become SUCH a burden for you. I feel horribly that you’re so weighed down with all of that money, but do not fear, you can always, and I do mean always, spend it on me.I absolutely MUST take your money immediately. I am craving an expensive shopping spree that hard working gentleman have paid for. What a doll I am to give you the chance to pleasure me.

For the sake of stomping on an ego I’d like to point out what beansdad confessed to me under interrogation. Not only did he spend money to talk to another Domme on NF but he masturbated to her &&&&&& he bought panties from a completely other Domme (that she wore on cam for him). Beansdad did give up over 2k in tributes and gifts to me in the past couple of months but he is SO not worth the hassle. Beansdad is a cock stroking pervert that wishes he had what it takes to make a woman happy but truly only ever excells at FAILURE. He did claim to be divorcing his wife, but just to make the situation worse for him I went ahead and left a voicemail on his house phone. I’m sure he was right by the phone listening and crying on his knees but he now knows that I can pick up the phone and make his life HELL while he’s at work. I can call and inform his wife where all of the money has been going, I’m sure that will make the divorce easier on her and harder on him.

David #1 who adores my perfect breasts, wicked sense of humor, adorable giggle, charming personality and witty intelligence – oh yes and my position of power and control- has given in again and went on a shopping spree just for ME. On the way to my house (he picked out the items himself knowing I would love them and had shipped to me because HE gets to have my home address) is a new bra (of course) , a sexy corset, a dress, a shirt and I believe another dress. All for ME.. because he is WEAK. He does like to pretend he is strong and can resist me (why do you boys even bother anymore) but we all know that when I want a boy to pleasure me, he’s going to do it.

I’ve released a new clip which is available on both clips4sale & my lulu storefront (here on my site). This clip is perfectly POSH & will make your financial masochist needs SCREAM to the surface.

posh clips4sale screenshot

Let me reiterate here-

I WANT MORE MONEY. mmmmmmmmmm

You boy, Me woman. You give, Me take. You submit, Me control. You weak, Me strong.


I really feel like being blunt and can’t make it more clear than this. You are going to be USED by me tonight. I’m in the mood puppet boy.

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