You Can’t Resist The Curve Appeal

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You can’t resist the curve appeal.


Just take a look at the preview for Mindfuck Melodies, the next film in the Season of the Siren series and you will see exactly what I mean by curve appeal. My naturally voluptuous figure is designed to make men WEAK and HELPLESS! You were made to be mindfucked into mindless obedience by my feminine form.

And behind my curves there is a brilliant mind, determined to take you down, and I will succeed. Every person who approaches me and says they are not into Financial Domination always ends up sending and spending the most cash on me. Live in denial all you want, the boys that deny it the hardest are the ones that fall the furthest into OBSESSION, ADDICTION, and WEAK MINDLESS SPENDING on ME!

Yes I intend to victimize your wallet, again and again. Yes I will make you feel compelled to empty all of your savings and all of your paychecks on me, and why shouldn’t I have it all?! I can’t think of a single reason, and neither can you.
Mindfuck Melodies Preview from Season of the Siren

This little snippet has already gotten into your head, & already is replaying through your mind on repeat… who knows which parts of your pliable little man brain may already be changing, for me! My brainwashing is VERY powerful, the exposure you just had is enough to get in… get in, and do what? You’re hungry for more, aren’t you…

Now that you know you have to wait until Friday you’re going to spend every day until then groveling for me, at my feet, begging for the next step in this journey.  I don’t have to release it to you, I can just dangle it over your hungry little head and make you wait and wait and wait… so you’re going to SERVE and SERVE and SERVE to MY hearts content in order to ensure you have earned this next fix!

Addicts can never resist getting that next hit, now can you? And I’ll fully exploit that ache of yours to get everything I want from you. mmmmm DELISH!


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6 years ago

Mhmmm Goddess Posh, thank you for this wonderful preview of next fix film release, of course like previous release this is a must have for me and all weakboys! Oh yes Goddess, you know how yours curves make our minds so weak! Of course we loves yours curves but I love you so much too, when I receive an email, a tweet or a YiM from you, my heart beat so strongly, so speedly! You’ve invaded my mind but my heart too! Oh you’re so right about my “vacation” in family, finally stopped and I am going to back at… Read more »

puppet drone
puppet drone
6 years ago

Thanks sooo much for sharing the preview Goddess; Your voluptuous curves and melodic voice brings me right to my knees at Your feet like always…..the new film is going tobe amazing!