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Once again I bestow you with the pleasures of seeing me. As it turns out youtube doesn’t love me anymore, I think they are jealous and who can blame them! I considered creating my own youtubesque site for Fem Dommes and then the lovely MistressMitsukai stepped in and sent me this link: – talk about saving the day! The most important thing is that I can upload my clips and embed them on my site as they were before and you can go back to obsessing over me. Now I can rest assured that my arsenal of addiction fueling clips is back to consuming your life!

And without further ado I give you Me (Again!) :

This is a one minute preview- View the full clip here:

Goddess Posh speaks to you with her hypnotic honey voice, pulling you deep into her web as her fingers and feet pound out the beat of your heart- the beat of your heart as you submit to her every whim. You wouldn’t make Goddess Posh wait, or you would be crushed beneath her tapping pink finger nails, and her sharp high heels. It is your place to worship Goddess from beneath her arched perfect feet.

View the full clip here:

Unfortunately my plans were changed, so I will be gone tomorrow instead of tonight like usual. I know some of you had big plans for tomorrow, with the whole cam thing and what not but you’re just going to have to wait. Some of you were hoping to finally experience release but that wasn’t going to happen anyways.

My site will be finished with replacing the clips later tonight. In the mean time I am feeling exceptional financial lust today, so you can go ahead and bring Me your wallet on a silver platter.

Goddess Posh

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