you All Fall Down

Wow its been five whole days without an update from me, which is basically like dog years for you readers. I’ve been too busy enjoying my time away from the PC. Not normal behavior for me in the Autumn, but its getting so cold already (boo) that I’d rather curl up under a nice blanket with a good book than spend any time or put any effort at all into maintaining sub relationships. Only those who REALLY stand out amongst all the pursuers have been allowed any time with me.

I finally released the clip I blabbed about on twitter the other day. I know a few of you have been waiting IMPATIENTLY for me to release Cherry Bomb! Lip Explosion.

Here’s the deal, I do not intend to only make cash from you slave’s by selling you clips. You have bought a product which does not entitle you to being MY slave. Maybe I will make a series of clips with instructions on how to become My money slave, but if you need it explained to you that clearly you probably won’t get along with Me.

So continue to buy MY clips and obsess over Me, that is perfectly reasonable. I put them out there because I enjoy expressing myself, taking cash from strangers because of it, & having the obsessed and brainwashed viewers become a more long term MONEY slave of mine.

However, you can be a money slave to Me without ever seeing any of my clips. That’s not exactly true, only SOME of you can be a money slave, you have to send a tribute first & then contact me to find out if you stand a chance. Simple isn’t it.

If you feel intimidated don’t give up on that feeling, its only natural when you’re in my presence. It shouldn’t stop you from doing what you can to make Me happy. Even if you can’t ‘compete’ with the other men serving Me you can always do your best to sacrifice, submit & serve. I do notice when someone suffers in my name, it brings a smile to my face. So no, I won’t give you a lot of attention, but you’ll be quite pleased to know your pain satisfied Me. And in the end that is what its all about.

Another reason I may end up putting my journal in a private members area only is because there are some people who like to copy my entries and sell them on NF. I really don’t appreciate that, I don’t make every journal to tempt and torment your soul but they are all important nonetheless and they should be cherished and honored, not stolen and sold.

I know I have readers who have never dared to contact Me. They sit and read my journal obsessively and most likely they are disgusting and rude enough to masturbate. Then again I always hear about how boring I am since I don’t post proof pics – hahaha. Regardless I know the men who are addicted to MY words will have serious withdrawal when I finally get on the ball with the members journal & by doing so I will most likely be pulling them (YOU) out from the edges of submission and deep into the web of servitude. Yummy!

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