Financial Domination Sensation

Wired Boy Brain By Financial Domination Goddess

My mind wash financial domination video clips that you are so addicted to are filled with triggers.

Some of the triggers give a positive effect, such as when you truly sacrifice and give to your Goddess you feel a rush that is thousands of times more intense and pleasurable than an orgasm. This feeling is so delicious and so remarkable that you instantly feel the need for it again, and again. It’s the best feeling in the world, and you only get to experience it when you TRULY sacrifice for me. You have to TRULY put me first and really sacrifice for me and this feeling will erupt in your body, and it’s not just in your icky penis, but through your WHOLE body.

Another great positive trigger I have so generously allowed you to be implanted with is one which removes ALL thoughts from your boy brain and replaces it with MY thoughts! My words, my will, MY desires swimming in your mind, relaxing you and making you feel so very calm and at peace as you feel all of those stupid boy brain thoughts leaving your body. It’s so much easier to just relax and focus on Goddess than it is to think! You don’t have to think at all with this trigger, it helps to ease your mind and refill it up with all POSH. This gives you a PURE Poshy mind which you absolutely love. You love being injected straight into the brain with everything Goddess Posh.

But here’s the catch, you have also been triggered to have negative responses in your body and your mind when you FAIL me. What I consider failure is when you throw a fit about serving me the way I deserve, when you try to make excuses to not send MY gifts and cash, when you put yourself and your family before Goddess – you will feel the excruciating pain of failing your Goddess, your GOD, your MESSIAH! The one who you should be praying to, kneeling to, worshiping 100% of the time! When you forget your place as a weak willed bitch for MY desires, then you will feel a rush of PAIN, slowly spreading and encompassing you deep down to your core and then you will feel all of the dark demons in your mind escaping one by one and haunting you so that you can’t concentrate on anything. You will be swarmed with negative emotions that force your focus to one place, removing them! Only your GOD can remove the negative haunting emotions from your life, only through SACRIFICING to MY desires will it be replaced with the RUSH OF PLEASURE all good boys earn.

When you let yourself slip into selfishness and depression, you are only being haunted by demons of your own creation and only through your MESSIAH POSH can you release yourself from those chains. You need ME to inject my PURITY into your boy brain and make your body feel the intense pleasure of all that negative energy seeping out of you.

When I push you beyond your normal financial comfort level I am giving you a purpose, a reason, to live. I am helping you to become the best puppet for me that you can be. I am helping you to become a better person! You will be grateful for this. You will be MORE than grateful for this. MY training is not something you should take lightly or take advantage of. When you are under MY control you will show your appreciation by not being selfish, by not fighting MY will, by not expecting ME to keep YOU happy! For instance, this is what not to do: you tell me you’re depressed because I didn’t JUMP FOR JOY at a $200 tribute. How dare you! It’s not MY JOB to respond to your measly little tributes like I just won a million dollars every single time you send one.

I get off on boys who are willing to sacrifice for me, on those who go without for me, on those who know that it’s not about themselves but about ME.

You’ll always feel depressed and always feel low when you put your own feelings first and when you fail me. If you put Goddess first then you will feel pleasure, TOO. Your goal is to OBEY AND PLEASURE Goddess!

This is the Holiday season and I expect a LOT from you all. I expect MORE from you all. I expect you to make bigger and harder sacrifices to MY luxury and I expect you to THANK ME for allowing it.

As I said to my pets, Christmas is a time made JUST FOR ME. It’s just the icing on the cake at the end of a year devoted to Goddess. It’s your chance to prove your devotion and loyalty to me so that I keep you around for 2012!

If I spend time talking to you on yahoo IM for FREE and then you send a $200 tribute and I want MORE you will KISS MY ASS to get it to me! You will bend over backward and THANK ME FOR IT.

Believe me the triggers I have implanted in ALL of your boy brains from MY clips are very potent and effective. I know you boys can feel it, I know you understand my power and understand JUST HOW magical and amazing I am. You are here to SERVE Me, and don’t you forget it.

Goddess Posh

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