Why I Don’t Let Losers Serve Me

As a real Goddess I feel it is well beneath me to allow a low life ‘loser’ to serve me. I’ve never been into slang, and as a child always stood out as one that spoke like a little adult and obviously was ridiculed for it. However, everyone could see that there was just something about me that was special, and still is. Now, when I hear the word ‘loser’ I simply do not equate it to ‘fantasy pretending to be a loser and being humiliated and giving you cash’ like some people do, but instead I think of what it really means to me.

To me a loser is someone that has no zest for life and is always just ‘giving up’. Instead of taking responsibility for themselves they blame everyone else for their problems. They would rather sit around all day and wait for the world to come to them, instead of going out and grabbing it by the horns. In the fetish scene losers are men that can’t afford to tribute, that try to top from the bottom, and who expect for me to do dirty things like tell them to eat their own feces or dog food. Why would you think I’d want a loser to serve me?

From what I can see LOSERS wouldn’t benefit a Goddess like myself in the least. I would never go around saying :you’re such a loser now give me money. That is such a contradiction. Yea, you’re a loser yet somehow you have money. How I see it is.. you like to be called a loser and expect ME to get you off via humiliation in order to take the money that should rightfully be MINE anyway. As far as I know losers don’t even have MONEY to begin with so the whole thing doesn’t make any sense to someone of MY intellect. Anyone with half a brain could truly dominate a loser if they wanted to. Where is the power in that?

Losers aren’t allowed into MY world.

I prefer to sink my words into the developed and educated minds of a real man. It’s such a sweet sweet transition from a strong willed powerful man into a weak posh Puppet. What a turn on it is for me to make a man crumble at my feet, to make a man kneel before me and BEG to be taken. Such an erotic experience for me to use the sheer power of MY beautiful mind to conquer a man.

financial domination goddess posh

Now, this doesn’t mean I like stubborn men. Do not approach me and say defiant things like “you can’t do to me what you do to other boys’ because I really am not interested in pulling teeth to get My way and consider those boys to just be full of games AND to be weak. Yup, you’re weak and you have ego issues. It makes you feel like a real man to come off that way, but a REAL MAN knows he is lucky to serve me.

If this turns you away it’s most likely you weren’t good enough to serve me in the first place. This is a lifestyle of mutual interest, and we should be on the SAME playing field. My slaves are just the other half to this, they are the SUBMISSIVE half.

Do not approach me if you’re just a ‘loser’ looking for humiliation and a fantasy role play game. I hate you.

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financial domination goddess posh

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You know, this is such an attractive thing about Goddess, I’ve served others before who are in the loser thing and I really don’t classify myself as a loser, but played the ‘game’ any how without any real satisfaction. The reason I never got satisfaction was because that is exactly what it was a ‘game’ a ‘fantasy’. Goddess Posh quickly (more quicker than you realise) is not about fantasy. If she was, she’d be acting like a slut getting naked and degrading herself for our benefit like a lot of other dommes do. What I think makes Goddess so perfect… Read more »