Where Are The ‘REAL MEN’?

Apparently my mocking those who want to escape by offering them the door to a financial domination support group didn’t go over so well. These boys apparently never really wanted to leave, I just called their bluff and made them bow even lower to the ground in worship of ME.

I banish men into dark corners, and maybe for a minute or two they feel safe and as if the spell has been broken, but soon enough they are back here and even MORE addicted and ready to be fucked over. Yummy. You boys are just too easy for me to fuck with, come on, isn’t there a REAL MAN around who can put a woman in her place? Where are all of you superior men who understand that women are inferior and need to be fucked up the ass and treated like bitches? Where are all of you strong macho dudes who know that a womans place is in the kitchen cooking you dinner and giving you head whenever you demand it? Oh that’s right, you’re not a real man when you’re around me. You could NEVER take me, you could NEVER dominate me. Aww poor you, thinking you were a big bad superior man that was going to teach me a lesson for teasing you with my perfect breasts and angel eyes. Oh well, guess you found out the hard way that you’re really nothing more than a weak cock driven fool, and that I can make you do whatever I want you to do, whenever, wherever, however. You’re simply a fool for me, you will obey MY commands.

Go purchase Wicked Magnetism from MY clips4sale store. Watch it over and over like a little FOOL IN LOVE. Add it to your shrine of POSH material, and do not jerk off under any circumstances what so ever. Be a good BOY (never a man) and obey your Goddess.

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