Vulnerable & Exposed Financial Slave

Vulnerable & Exposed Financial Slave

I know why you’re here, because you’re obsessed. Mmmm hmmmmmm .. you can try to deny it, but why even bother. We both know the truth of who you are, and what you are. A bitch. MY bitch.

If you don’t think you’re a bitch then go ahead and stop thinking about me, stop your mind from cycling through my words, from replaying each and every one of my wickedly mindfucking clips again and again, from hearing my voice whisper commands and triggers all day long while you’re slaving away at work.. go ahead and just close this page if you’re not a bitch for me. But you are. You can’t close it. You can’t stop reading. You can’t stop watching. You can’t stop obsessing. Just admit what you are. A financial slave under MY spell. Made to tribute your Financial Domination Goddess over and over mmmmmm such a WEAK bitch you are!

Say it.

I am a BITCH for Goddess Posh. I will do ANYTHING for HER happiness!

Mmm hmm see you’re such a good boy for me obeying my commands, admitting who you are, what you are, what you were made for. You were made to be MY wallet, MY toy, MY personal bank account .. I can withdraw cash at any time and if you have to go without and suffer because of MY financial lust you will bend over like the bitch you are and THANK me for the abuse! You will thank me, and in fact you will helplessly BEG to be used in such a way, and when I so graciously give your life purpose and USE YOU UP and drain you hard and dry you will be sooooo grateful. It’s the way it’s meant to be. There is no option. There is no escape. There is only one way from here, and that’s deeper down into obsession over ME.

As a financially enslaved puppet you are so eager to go deeper into debt for Goddess. Remember, debt for Goddess is sexy. Sacrifice for Goddess is necessary. Surrender of yourself completely to my whims. I am your only priority now worker bee .. buzz off to make that money then return it all to Goddess. Mmmm yummy! Much sweeter than honey ever could be.


Weakness oozes from you. It’s what you are. WEAK. The facade of strength, of having your life all pulled together nicely into a socially acceptable bundle, well it all crumbles away when in the presence of your QUEEN BEE! You’re just a worker bee underneath it all, programmed to buzz buzz buzz off to your job and bring back all that GOLDEN MONEY for Goddess! MORE for Goddess… ALL for Goddess.. and none left for you. I love counting the slave wages you’ve earned for me, feeling the crisp bills in my perfectly manicured hands, and knowing each one is a symbol of MY greatness. Which is far too much for any little minion like yourself to ever comprehend. You just kneel in my greatness and GIVE IN.


New puppets, old addicts, obsessed minions.. whether already serving me like a good boy or just on the brink of falling.. you WILL give in right now & you WILL make me happy with your financial sacrifice! I know all about you puppet, you’re so exposed and vulnerable for Me mmm.


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VIP you still get NOTHING! NO MORE FOR YOU UNTIL AFTER THERE IS MORE FOR ME! I am a FINANCIAL DOMME, not your hired entertainment!

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