VIP Password Protected Financial Domination Entries

Hi little addicts-

I know how badly you need to read my amazing mindfuck journal. I also know how many other Dommes are reading ME for inspiration. I thought, what a better way to make more cash out of my loyal addicts than to start password protecting random entries. One password, all PW protected entries, and you can buy it for the fabulous price of $200.00. It’s only $200 and even those of you who are broke can manage to save up that small amount. It’s SO worth it, rather than be DENIED MY words.. you can’t handle that. This is SO VIP, only the most privileged puppets are granted access. I will be posting all of my financial domination ‘brag’ posts where you will get to see just how powerful I am at raping wallets. I will be posting SPECIAL high quality mindfuck entries for you to obsess and brainwash yourself with. Mmmm.

If you’d like to buy the password you need to send one of three things: a paypal payment, an giftcard or a niteflirt tribute. I will not be making a paymail (niteflirt paytoview) for it either, I do not want just anyone buying it. Once you send the money (my money oooh it’s so MY money now) you can email to or contact me on my yahoo ID.

I’ve updated my clips4sale store as well with STUNNING files. You will absolutely go gaga for me with my blond hair, blue eyes and so powerful mindfuck as I enchant you and weaken you and break you. And by break you I only mean I break your resistance right in half and drain your will. I can’t help it, I just adore turning you into a helpless financial slave. I can’t get enough of you money pets, mmm I am always ready for more more more! I am insatiable my addicts and I know you want to help keep my financial lust at bay so be a good boy and buy these clips, watch them on repeat and THEN send me MY money.

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10 years ago

Goddess, your VIP area is fantastic. This was the best $200 that I have ever spent. Your pictures on there are awesome, I’ve never seen anything so hot.

The insight to what you do to other slaves is amazing.