Utter Glee!

I just can’t stop myself from giggling like a school girl with a crush on her teacher whenever I see you in pain. I know, it’s so taboo, but do you even care? When you are kneeling before me begging for mercy, either in the flesh or from some distant place, I feel instant pleasure through every part of my body. I can’t control the chain of events after that, and we both know where it leads to! How can she be a Domme when she loses control of her emotions- .. you can ask all you want but while you’re asking questions about Me and My life I’ll be enjoying slaves on their knees begging for mercy!! hahahaha..

When you cried because I showed your girlfriend what kind of person you really are, and you couldn’t handle the pain you caused her to have, you still kept one hand on your fucking dick as you begged to cum didn’t you. The pain I shoved into your face turned you on, and in return I drained you so mercilessly. I left you alone without a hope, no girlfriend and no chance of bringing yourself out of debt- at least not for a long time. Yet you crawl back, and beg for more abuse, beg to be used more, and I continue to use you because I love it. I don’t care what label others want to give me, they can obsess over Me and MY style all they want, the truth is I’m the one living my life how I want- and that is turning men inside out, twisting up their emotions and milking every cent I can from them. I love money, and I love getting it from men who are so damn weak. mmmm it makes me feel gleeful!! Is it so wrong for me to be in bliss as you’re withering in pain? Don’t answer that.

I loved knowing you’re about to lose your job, but I kept taking from you anyways. You couldn’t stop yourself after watching my clips, you felt so compelled to serve me, to give in to me. I controlled you from the cock up. hahaha you were putty in my hands, I smashed you between my palms and molded you into a weeping wanking mess. “please let me cum please let me cum I’ll do anything.” .. “anything you say. That’s pretty dangerous for a boy that’s about to lose his job.” “please.”. .. Of course, I took your money but funny thing is- you still haven’t cum! Did you even notice? I believe fate was in favor that night as you accidentally sent me double – but oh the joy you must have felt at knowing you’d given me twice what you had to give.

And when you said your wife was beginning to notice the charges, she knew you were an addict. You’d both gone through this before, and you were a reformed Christian, you made vows to your family and God that you would be strong, and when you said that to me I laughed as I pushed your pillsbury dough boy buttons and made you chuckle while you wept. I brought out such strong emotions as you caved into my demands, although did I even demand a thing? NO!!! I simply pushed, and you pushed your money back at me. I pushed you into a hole and you tried to buy your way out. How is it down there? Dark and dreary? Here, have some sunny lemonade, I made it myself. Let me just pour it right over your dirty twisted face.

I laugh inside, and I laugh outside, I break into fits of laughter and you are left with a fear knowing maybe she is crazy enough to destroy me, what have I done!

Fantastic news for you Posh Junkies – I know you loved that entry so much, because it struck home for you. I have created a clip in which I read this journal entry of mine. I’ll be picking one a week to read on cam, and believe me, it’s not quite that simple. Never expect anything simple from me my pets, if you were to do that you’d just be even more off guard and easy to manipulate. Here is the link to my clips4sale for you new boys: http://www.clips4sale.com/store/22347

I also posted a clip on Female Supremacy. My point of view, why women are superior to men, and it’s not what you might expect. I don’t use childbirth as a reason for one thing.

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