Under MY Heel

Under MY Heel

For two weeks you have been obsessing over my journal. Obsession is the right word, though your interests are that of a carnal nature. I seem to stimulate your sexual interests with my decadent words, I bring out your deep seeded submissive nature and make you feel an overabundance of lust. Its not a surprise to me that after reading every single one of my entries you found yourself on your knees begging to give me money that you worked hard for. It is your place in our world of financial slavery to be MY money slave, as it is my place to be your Goddess.

Rest assured, your carnal desires will be preyed upon, manipulated and devoured. You will find yourself thinking less and less about your biological need to orgasm and more and more about your insatiable need to please me with money.

Already you are well trained, but I will bring you further than you have ever been before. You will grow a fervent passion for keeping your Goddess happy. You will succumb to my spell as many before you have done.

I want to know exactly how you felt after sacrificing money for me, I want to know how weak my voice made you feel, I must have your submission. It is mine for the taking, you have left it on a silver platter at my immaculate feet- shall I step lightly pushing only my toes into your fleshy weakness, or shall I casually walk on by allowing your eager eyes to gaze the back of my heels as they thump up and down, over and over, up and down, over and over..

I meant every word I said. Did you?

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