tribute your lust-filled Goddess to hear about my night of body worship!

I know you boys are dying for a clip update, not to mention I never got around to doing a radio show again. Soon. All in time. Right now all I want is to be served with cash, no need for me to work for it either! I am entitled to being served because I am Goddess and I am everything. Lets not forget that it is YOU who needs ME. I am a beautiful woman, any man in the world would be lucky to bring me pleasure, so just because you get the chance to do something for Me, doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly no longer a weak slave! It is a privilege to be able to pleasure me and you should expect nothing in return!


Of course I am in the mood to go shopping, I’ve had a Victoria Secrets binge thanks to good boy John & money machine mueller (who will soon see an empty pension!), both who contributed to MY funds! I want more though. What I loved is John is in Norway and so he got a call from victoria secrets to verify that he did indeed send a giftcard to and of course he was humiliated envisioning the person who called was actually thinking about him, dirty old man buying panties for pretty young ladies! lol it definitely gave me a giggle!


I did end up meeting my sex slave this past weekend. If you want to read SOME about it, you can do so as a VIP.


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Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

Omg I am so happy you enjoy your first date with blah blah blah! Really!
Because all what is make Goddess happy make me too!
But you know I am jealous too, you know I was dreaming to be the first one to experience a real time date with you. Of course it is more easy to do it for a neighbors boytoy.
But I am so addicted to you so deeply connected than an ocean to cross is nothing…

Super Member
Money Slave Bitch

Oh Goddess Posh,
What a lucky guy, hope he realises how fortunate he is. Being able to worship Your kitty, would be the ultimate dream come true, that would surely have been my divine fountain for ever and ever! My only choice (probably an obsession to satisfy Your commands)
Lucky boy, hope he tries the best he can and lives up to the way a Goddess should be served.

Active Member
Under the Influence

Yup he was SO lucky! In fact if he knew what was good for him he’d be here right now between my legs haha..