Tribute Every Single Day

Tribute Every Single Day


Good Boys INDULGE in MY mindfuck clips! BUY NOW!

Hello puppet! Welcome to the year 2019 and another year of financial destruction and helpless addiction for POSH! YESSSS you love and adore ME, and everything I do to you. The way I send you spinning in a haze of submission with just the wink of my eye makes you KNEEL in AWE STRUCK adoration of ME. I am your EVERYTHING and you know it. 

The time has come to crawl further and deeper than ever before. I have called to you with my powerful Goddess voice and you naturally can’t resist. My powerful magnetic energy is too overwhelming for you, so you crumble, bend, break and give in over and over again. Yessssssss you love being triggered by ME and set to AUTOMATIC for ME … automatic paydrone, can’t say no. 

The paydrone just nods along, YES GODDESS, loving being able to be put to use. Loving being able to pleasure and please someone as beautiful and superior as ME. 

The paydrone can’t help but to CLICK and SEND when it see’s the beautiful shiny trigger! My photos send you spinning into a needy state of submission where you can feel relief ONLY by squirting cash from your slave lever. Click on MY daily tribute button and send a NITEFLIRT daily tribute to ME, ALL BOYS MUST COMPLY. 


You are here because you NEED ME. When is the last time you made a true sacrifice for ME? When is the last time you truly felt the rush of submitting to me, so deeply submitted to me that you could taste it on your lips and feel it in your bones… 

Submit to Me without holding back the same way I rule over you without holding back. I fully give of myself to dominate and control you, to guide you and lead you… it takes all of ME and you will give back the same in return.  You will kneel for me with PASSION and with reckless abandon. You will empty yourself of all negative energy, all doubt, all foolish wasteful thoughts and focus on experiencing being MY good boy. 

Good Boys SUBSCRIBE to The Venus Sway! SINK NOW!

Even boys that already tribute need to experience sending to ME DAILY… yes DAILY clicking is so important for you. It helps your boy brain to stay nice and mushy and focused on POSHY! You love having your submissive slave mind wired and programmed just for ME. So it makes total sense to you to click and spend daily on ME… and of course that doesn’t mean you give up the BIG TRIBUTES… those in fact will start rolling in MORE OFTEN from you too… 


Because the more you CLICK the deeper your addiction and need will get. 

Every day good boys click & pay

give it all up give it all away for The Venus Sway

It’s so easy to just click, slave

just nod along and bob along 

a helpless drone triggered to 


go payyyyy slave


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