Transformation Series

Lost Soul:But you really, really scare me.

Goddess: yes tell me more, I want to get off on your fear

Lost Soul:(feeling very awkward)

Goddess:Do not focus on how you feel so much as focus on doing what pleases me
Goddess:I want to hear about how you fear me, and why you fear me

Lost Soul: Yes. I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure if you were serious (I was hoping you weren’t).

Goddess: but alas, I long to know all the sordid details

Lost Soul:
You have that combination of intelligence (which I’m always drawn to) with this appearance of being so beautiful and desirable and with what can seem like a surface innocence…almost as though you are harmless and you are the one needing protection (or something…not weak…(hard to explain)) but then mixed in with that, at the core you absolutely know who you are; know the weakness of at least certain types of men and know how to explore, exploit and emotionally enslave in an affectionate yet utterly remorseless way.

How very true…

I’ve created a MP3 series, which means there are no visuals of me, but you don’t need to see my sexy cleavage and stunning eyes to feel my power, do you. No this series, its in three parts, and all are being released TONIGHT, is meant for one reason only, and that is to Transform you.

I am taking you from the wretched and lost creature you are and through subtle brainwashing and mind control I am turning you into an addicted and helpless pet, with only one goal in life, to serve me. Oh how I love using my poison-honey words to drop you to your filthy knees and take everything I want. Being an intelligent and superior Goddess is beyond orgasmic. I truly can’t express how wonderful it feels and you are going to make sure I always feel this, aren’t you boy!

Get each part of this series and listen to one after the other, you must repeat them for the full effect. I will have my way with your mind, molding you into whatever I see fit, and mmm you are going to be a perfect puppet when you are done with this.

Transformation Series: Brainwashing & Mind Control/Abuse (This is not available in the Members area. It must be purchased separately)

Part 1: Revelation & Isolation

The veil is removed and I bring you to face reality, forcing you to see what kind of wretched existence you are living. I convince you to accept isolation as your way of life and program you to want only ME in your life. Being the Goddess I am, I save you from yourself.

Part 2: The Path of No Resistance

Finding yourself weakening to my programming you follow me into the light, follow your savior, and find yourself transfixed on each word I speak. Your life is centered around ME, around MY omnipotence, MY beauty, MY superiority, MY voice. You can’t pull away and find yourself on a path that you are unable to stray from. You are now hooked on ME as I reinforce how pathetic your life was before me and remind you to keep yourself isolated.

Part 3: Falling to your Knees

Emotional abuse, verbal degradation and humiliation as I reveal how you are now ready to complete the transformation and become just another one of my minions, my SHEEP, falling in line behind me and doing exactly as I command.

And just to give you more insight into me, I absolutely love this song. I really can’t get enough of it and have been listening to it since I was in grade school. How special you must feel now, knowing such a tidbit about your Goddess..

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