They Adore Me So.

Oh David how delightful for me to hear all about your obsession with me, your lust for me, and dare I say your LOVE for me. Though you have a hard time admitting it, I will admit it for you. You LOVE me, really you truly do. It is not every day that you encounter someone as enchanting, as deliciously powerful and yet sweetly seductive and sinfully sadistic as I am.

Email from DAVID S:

“I’ve often wanted to tell you how fervently I’ve sought
after you. You’re very special.

As I’ve said before, commanding women have long interested me, but before you, it
was a fascination with the superficial. The kind involving corsets and long heels,
and similar equipment. I’ve never partaken with one, or even communicated with.
But I’ve done a fair share of looking. What I found in you was so much more
captivating, as I found myself drawn to your word, not because of any kind of bind,
but because I wanted to.

I’d almost forgotten to respond to your question. Odd that you should ask, since I
was tempted to comment on your site. I do read your blogs daily, whether you post
new ones or not. Though I didn’t always. When I started following you, I scoffed
at the idea of being so drawn-in, as you wrote on the clips page, and swore that
couldn’t be me. Here I am this very moment seeing if you’d updated. I love knowing
what you have to say. I love hanging on every word.

I own almost all of your clips. I bought them religiously as you released them,
after I found you. When you went away I found you were an itch I needed to scratch.
You’re so unique I couldn’t find anyone that did what you do as well, and looked as
incredible as you. I’d buy some of your back ones every so often.

It wasn’t easy to find you, Searches only showed remnant hints of your site. I’d
nearly given up, though I appreciate the youtube compilation you decided to drop at
one point.

After a few months I’d given up on seeing my posh again, and on a whim checked your
clips page, and gave a wide-eyed gasp as I saw your newest clip. And here we are.
If only I’d known what I was missing before.”

My Birthday clip will be released later today. My mother is coming into town, I will pick her up from the airport and will be very scarce while she is here. I have a few weddings to attend, parties to go to and then MY BIRTHDAY which is going to be fantastic. I’m so excited my mom is visiting and you better make sure to show off how good of a puppet you are while she’s here, she just LOVES to see how much my boys adore me. It really makes her happy to see her little girl all grown up and taking control over the lives of so many helplessly weak sheep. She loves to know I am being served the way I deserve to be.

I’ve added multiple giftcards to my wishlist that you WILL buy me for my Birthday and of course every other day of the year just because you love me so much. God you’re weak. Do you adore me, hmm do you?! Show me how much you adore me, show me how deep under my SPELL you are.

Also, for you sick irritating fucks who keep pestering me to do a Forced Intoxication session, I’ve made a clip especially for you. See I don’t like you, I can’t stand you. I find sessions to be dull, lame and counter-productive to what I am about. I am about ME, btw, not you or your fetishes. My good boys know this, you drunk alcoholics don’t seem to get it. Since I detest you so I tell you exactly what I think of you and exactly what I would do to you if I did get you drunk, and trust me, the ending is no pretty description of me shopping at the mall buying foot wear with your lame ass credit card. The ending is MUCH more lethal than that …

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David S
David S

I’m not sure what I could add, but I feel compelled to comment. Goddess makes my day brighter. To know I can please her is a true pleasure, and I will see to it that your birthday is a good one.