The Vortex of Financial Slaughter 2014

The Vortex of Financial Slaughter 2014

Hello addicts..

YES it’s time for you to once again feel your heart rapidly beating in that chest as you read EACH DELICIOUS word I’ve typed. Each morsel of Goddess is a treat you can’t get enough of! You love to drown in my holy words and kneel before me in humble admiration. When you are forced to wait in between your doses it hurts so much. You can hardly stand it when you are made to go without. It makes you ACHE with need for me, doesn’t it puppet. YES you are MY puppet & I hold the strings. My voice, my eyes, my charm, my power & my absolute superiority make you crave nothing more than to do that little dance for me. You know the dance, the one where every move you make is dictated by the rhythm of MY control! Every motion of your slave body dictated by my whims, wishes, desires, commands.. every part of you under the spell of Goddess. Financial slavery isn’t an option, it’s not a question,IT IS. It is what you are, what I want you to be, and what you can’t help but to be.

Dance this way for me puppet, right over HERE where my VORTEX of Financial Slaughter is waiting for you. 2014 is bringing you the remix version of my very dangerous pay2view niteflirt game & already has claimed SOOOO many victims for me!


As you can clearly see MY vortex just won’t stop PULLING you in! It spins and spins and the force is just too strong for a weak helpless boy like yourself. You can’t resist the pull of MY vortex can you puppet. One click and then one more and then another, and next thing you know you’ve fallen all the way to the very bottom of the pit and feel compelled to keep falling .. begging for me to let you feel the rush again and again. Begging for the ride again and again.

You should see yourself, sooooo desperate to suffer for me. The Vortex of Financial Slaughter 2014 is a hypnotic voyage of sacrifice, obsession and suffering all for Goddess. The pain of being bled dry sends you weak to your knees and the endorphins make your boy brain all fuzzy and mushy and oh nooooo look at that you’re fucked over and broke and I am smiling gleefully! I am counting the cash you compulsively sent to me, since the vortex makes it IMPOSSIBLE for you to resist sending!

I have given you the warning about this Financial Domination game and how dangerous it can be and yet I know you are going to click anyway. You are so fucked for me. I deem it to happen and it happens! I say I want you to be fucked for me and you are. I say I want you to suffer for me and you suffer. I say I want you to spiral out of control down the vortex hard and far and you do.. compulsively, automatically, like a zombie for Goddess. I say what I want and I get it.


I look so good with cash formerly known as YOURS haha. Don’t I!

You can’t stop meeeeee.



I know you VIP boys are dying for an update like photos, mp3’s, videos, blogs, radio programs.. and instead you’re being neglected. That’s because you don’t deserve it! I see so many of you log in and run straight to the photo gallery trying to get some peeks at MY perfect Goddess figure, and those of you that do that never stop by to comment or send me a tribute or by me a gift.. so why should I even bother to update for you? Those who serve me on a personal level get to hear from me almost on a daily basis via yahoo IM, or via texting, or even email. I share private photos with them, I give them much more personal access to me, and they serve me VERY well!

Why should I bother updating VIP when most of you only log in to try and get your own pleasure from me instead of giving me pleasure.. I don’t think so. My good boys aren’t deprived at all and are very well saturated in all things Goddess. Your selfish behavior as a whole makes me want to delete it all and just talk to my personal slaves from now on.. you wouldn’t want that now would you!


With how much cash, gifts and puppets I have do you really think I will go out of my way for a group of boys that can’t even appreciate me how I deserve!?


Step up to the plate and do your part. MAKE ME HAPPY!

Learn to push MY pleasure button .. and then maybe you’ll start seeing the more personal side of Goddess yourself. Just ask any of the boys who consistently SERVE me.. a personal relationship with Goddess is LIFE ALTERING!

Get on my wishlist and get to my niteflirt & start showing me the love.

Goddess Posh


Some recent conquests:

$4000 cash from FF

$2500 cash from Poshatized Puppet

$1000 couch from Poshatized Puppet

$1200 lens from Poshatized Puppet

$800 on from FF

$100 from Robotoine

$500 from FRANK (obsessed caller on NF)

$200 paypal prepaid cash card from some random 65 year old named Robert!

$500 gift card from Poshatized Puppet

$75 gift card on  from Poshatized Puppet

$75 Victorias Secret gift card from Robotoine

$100 niteflirt tribute from a random drive by


and many more! so much more. I couldn’t possibly ever remember it all.


IMG_20140407_023851 IMG_20140403_020820

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