The Voice – A Financial Domination Mindfuck Trip

For those who pay attention and know me well they understand my birthday just passed on July 13th and I had a wonderful time. All of those boys who adore me managed to send cash &/or a gift. My favorite gift was from Poshatized Puppet since he sent me a gift package from the Netherlands and a bouquet of flowers.. that were purple just like I like! The package included a couple of very interesting books, some dutch sweets and a beautiful card stuffed with $1500 in cash. Many of the puppets who have been hiding out in the distance, worshipping from afar, sent me cash tributes on paypal. The only one who forgot me on my birthday of all my slaves was ROBOTOINE!!! He completely neglected my birthday so we’ll see if he manages to make it up to me soon. Also tumblr didn’t send a birthday gift or cash either, but he’s more of a drive by bitch anyway .. not like Robotoine who professes to be my addicted puppet always on obsession mode. Even HerLittleWallet (Mueller) managed to send me a gift card and a gift and so did Slave John and Poshyfool!

You should also realize I have a great set of mp3’s available for sale through nitefirt only. The Voice is a set of Mp3’s that any true addict MUST own!

This button will get you the complete set.. The Voice The Complete Odyssey

Journey into the depths of addiction, seduction, and helplessness with THE VOICE.. my honey tones are the GOLDEN DELICIOUS venom that you can’t get enough of! My famous voice is known for making any man weak in the knees, bent for my will.. and you’re next! This is the complete package of voice clips, play them all back to back again and again for the full experience of THE VOICE. Over 25 minutes of audio!

Alternatively you can buy each part individually. You need all of the parts so you can play them back to back to back and get your brain even more mushy for me! Mmmmmm I love when you become my mindfucked puppet.
The Voice A Mindfuck Trap

The Voice Seduces You

The Voice Consumes You

The Voice Addicts You

The Voice Uses You

Remember boys, I am a financial domination Goddess .. that means I love to be served your hard earned cash so anything I put out there is going to be very dangerous for you and your wallet. I will weaken you. I will make you break. I will make you beg for your own abuse.

Goddess Posh

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Poshatized Puppet

i am glad You love the package Goddess, thank You for allowing me. i was so worried that they lost it in the mail (track and trace became track and pray). Sorry to hear about robotoine since he always claims to be so obsessed with You. Totally forgetting Your birthday seems kinda lame. i love the new mp3’s regardless how dangerous they are.