The Urge To Give by PuppetDavid

The Urge To Give by PuppetDavid

Having just woken up, I had chatted with Goddess only briefly and out of nowhere, the impulse appeared as it had so many times before; “I want to buy Goddess a gift” I thought.  As I bought her Bravissimo gift voucher, I noticed that she hadn’t prompted me in any way, nor even hinted at wanting a gift that moment.  It took countless gifts and tributes later for me to realize that she didn’t merely control me, but that she had me in an automatic mindset.  One that seeks to please her at any given time, regardless of what else I might be doing or thinking.

Night after night of listening to her sweet voice, with her files on loop, combined with her powerful insistence has taken hold of me.  I realized most of the time I give to her because I felt the need to, not because she was there demanding it of me.  I feel this need constantly now.  Several times a day I check her list to see what I can manage.  Just so I can feel that satisfaction of knowing I served Goddess; knowing that she deserves it, and that I MUST give it.

There is no greater release than sending Goddess another gift or tribute(and as she’s quick to remind me, the only release I’ll get), and no greater satisfaction than when she tells me it pleases her.  Nothing else in my day has as much impact, or even matters, until I know she is pleased with my offering.  I want only for Goddess’ complete satisfaction.  To that end, I’ve given her gift after gift; tribute after tribute, to the sum of thousands, and it never seems enough.  She takes it all with a smile, and asks for more.  As her loyal puppet I can, of course, only smile at her satisfaction, and give to her again.

I need to feel this release, this pleasure, constantly.  I can’t get enough, but I know it hasn’t always been this way.  That’s how I know Goddess is in my head.  I love buying her gifts, and I know that I feel the urge so often because Goddess has conditioned me to love it.  These impulses aren’t of my making.  Goddess wanted to make me into her gift-giving puppet, and she has.  I’m helpless to stop giving and, Goddess help me, I love it.

Puppet David

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