The Ultimate Mindfuck

Last night I enjoyed torturing a loyal long time slave of mine. I know all of his special buttons, his mood is dependent on what I want. I can alter his attitude, his desires, his lusts quite easily, bending him to fit into what I want at any particular time. I knew he was getting close to the point of no return as we chatted on yahoo voice, and thinking it would be the perfect opportunity to get blackmail material from him, I put my cam on record. The fun part for me was him not knowing our whole conversation was being recorded, the cam aimed right at my face so all of my devious and adorable expressions could be captured as I tormented him. His voice is audible, but no so much that you can’t tune him out and put yourself in his shoes. I of course have this clip for sale, in two parts, and you’re going to buy both. You’re going to hear exactly how I can take you from just barely there weak, all the way to desperate and crying. I love to make you boys cry.

This clip is especially useful for those who are all too aware of my power, and know if they were to begin service to me it would be the beginning of the end for them. Buy the clip, and experience it first hand without having to worry about complete ruination. Eventually you’ll give in and beg for a one on one experience with me.

Clip Title “The Ultimate Mindfuck”-

Your obsession with me is growing, it’s not a choice, an option, or a decision you’ve made. It is out of your hands, it is my doing and I will continue to bring you deeper into mania for me, your fascination is not going to end here.

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