Posh Messiah’s Little Money Slave Trap

I am so excited about the sweet little money trap I’ve built for you slave toys. Yes, I have outdone myself once again to create yet another portal for your mind to get totally lost in! A clicking and spending haven, where you have excess of 15k in tributes to click and spend on! OMG all those shiny buttons, they are so hypnotic, so addictive. I know you can’t wait to get lost for me, clicking over and over, in my little financial domination world where I am Queen and you will always bow and pay your respects.


How exciting! Yet another place for you to be completely awash with the will of Posh. My will, My desires, MY pleasure.. that is your purpose. I know you want to be a good little drone and click now!

If you’re been a long time admirer this is the perfect place for you to start.. with pay2view financial domination buttons that are so shiny and make you want to compulsively click for me.. it will be the best most amazing release of your life to give in and do what you know you were made to do .. serve ME.

Boys I expect to see a LOT of traffic, a lot of clicking and a LOT of spending.

To be honest I’m not a total girly girl over Valentines Day. It’s just another day but what I am gaga over is shopping, being adored, being spoiled etc etc.. only I get that all year round as it is! So, Valentines Day is just another opportunity for you to express your true love and appreciate for all things Posh. I have an empire here that you will kneel for and show respect to. You are inferior, weak,. .. insignificant.. I expect you will be working very hard at giving me everything I want.. all year round.. but this Valentines Day show me just how much you LOVE me! Show me how much you LOVE being my drone.. click and spend like a good little addict. A few of my pets have sent gifts already .. I do love receiving gifts but as always cash  from you weak little puppets is my favorite way to receive tribute.

What better place to start than my amazon.com wishlist, or perhaps on my clever, creative, evil little money slave addiction page (where clicking is just so easy).. mmmmmm financial domination addiction is hot right. I deserve nice things and you deserve to be the one who gives them to me. I know there is nothing more suited for me than being a financial domination Goddess.

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been number one on niteflirt for the past couple of days. You should call and find out why .. http://www.niteflirt.com/perfectly+posh  <– adorable, dangerous for your wallet, melts your mind .. you’re MY bitch now.

Now, off to click and spend like the good money slave dronebot that you are. DRONES WILL SPEND ON GODDESS.

Goddess Posh

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oh Goddess Posh, i love “your new trap page” nobody can resist it !!! No need to think ! just obey click and spend ! feeling so good !