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The Posh House of Mind Wash Fetish Financial Domination Fem Domme Clip

In case you didn’t notice my Mac was bought and paid for by you BOYS as was expected and I do love it. I may never go back to PC again!

My new file is also available, and it’s SO dangerous & addicting – in fact, I believe it’s such a powerful piece of art that a lot of you fear purchasing and watching it but as you know you never walk away from one of MY creations. You always click & spend and ALWAYS give me what I want. Because you’re a good financial puppet for me, and my helpless weak boys always make me happy.

Clip Description: The Posh House of Mind Wash

Boys May Enter – but NEVER leave –

I have a room for you in My special house of Mind Wash, it’s set up just for you to make you feel so dreamy and so sleepy and so under my control. You want to be a resident at the Posh House of Mind Wash, you want to come in and never be able to find your way back out.

Intense audio stimulation to get your heart beating while your mind drifts into a slumber and your body is claimed as another one of MY puppets.


Here is a short review written by Poshy Fool who always jumps at the chance to please ME and was the first to purchase this new file! He is going to be trying his hardest to please me TONIGHT again, because you see he is deep within the walls of my HOUSE OF MIND WASH and he can’t find his way out.. he knows the only true purpose for his life is SERVING ME. He also knows that when he isn’t serving me, when he is a failure.. his body will feel extreme pain & he won’t be able to function haha. Thanks to MY brainwashing.

 Posh’s House of Mind Warp drives to a new level of mental conditioning. Her use of
reverb drills her words and triggers in even deeper, pounding through any
resistance, and wiping out conscious thought. Plenty of rooms for this to expand
into, whichis good because once you step in, the door disappears behind you and you
won’t return. The only option is to keep going in deeper and deeper where her voice & her mind surround
your body and make it feel so good to be part of her clan.

A couple photos of my pretty tree which you are sending amazon gifts to go under! I want a LOT of presents and I expect YOU to pay for it, even if you’re not into Christmas you ARE into ME and so you’ll do whatever it takes to make ME happy. Do you think one gift is enough? I don’t think so either! Do you think your family deserves gifts more than I do? I didn’t think so either. Don’t you think that your GODDESS deserves MORE gifts than anyone.. yes I agree, I SO do. I’m a greedy Goddess with HIGH expectations and you are the LUCKY little money slave who gets to fulfill them.

Kitty loves my tree!

Up close PINK – my tree is a white fiberoptic with pink lights! Do you see a Tinkerbell ornament!

Remember you will send my gifts & you will send my cash because you ADORE being a pay pig for Goddess. You LOVE making me happy and all that matters is that I get exactly what I want. I should’t EVER have to ask or go without, it’s MY role to be served and handed every single thing I want from money slaves like yourself. It’s your JOB to make ME happy.

I want more. I feel an insatiable urge for MORE cash. Maybe it’s the season but nothing will take the edge off, so start clicking and start spending. Don’t expect anything in return other than knowing you made me feel good. I want MORE money and MORE presents TODAY from you brainwashed robotized clicker bee’s. Your Queen Bee is ready to be served.

Email me at & send gift cards here!
Call me on niteflirt
Send me paypal cash, you know the address & if you don’t then you need to find out!


My dog Ginger, she hates having her photo taken!


I’ve been getting another slew of VIP registrations without sending the cash first. Remember to be VIP you need to send a $200 tribute via greendot money pack, paypal, giftcard or niteflirt – it MUST be specifically FOR VIP. After that I will activate your registration & you’ll be able to read MORE .. if you’re VIP click on READ MORE to see the private sections of each post. 

PS. you’re going to take me shopping and you’re going to LOVE it!

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Goddess Posh is so addicting and i’m addicted. i’m very concerned that i should not be doing this. i know this ruines lives but i can’t help it. I come back every day most of the time several times a day for long periods of time. I don’t care. In anticapation i hope and prey there is something new to read and see. Yes it makes me tingle all over especially my dirty little habit thing. Oh soo nice and drawn in i get. Soo helpless and dirty. I’m always thinking how to get money for Goddess. What can i… Read more »

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