The Path To Financial Submission

The Path To Financial Submission

I will probably shut down my clips4sale members site because I was informed that some sneaky boys have found a way to download the videos on there. I am appalled that any of MY fans or addicts would be so rude. Obviously those of you who have done that are simply a cretin and I will have nothing to do with you on a personal level. Your cash however will fit nicely into my collection.. ETA: THE MEMBERS AREA NOT the actual C4S studio. I am making this more clear because you are all pestering me about it. NO, you can’t sneak my clips out of my studio, YES if you buy a membership to the MEMBERS area there is a way to download the streaming clips! That will be shut down as soon as the current memberships expire. The c4s STUDIO will remain open.

I’ve been extremely busy the past couple of weeks, and next week will hopefully be gone on vacation (if all goes as planned) so you will have to get through the month of October with less Posh. I’ve been debating making a VIP post with all of the details, but I haven’t decided yet. I don’t know if you can handle it.. you’d all be so HEARTBROKEN- then again I do so love when your heart breaks for me.

Peter the POSH puppet has claimed he is getting a personal loan for 10k today just for ME. I’ll let you know, so far I’ve only extracted $500 from him in a week- that is NOT much. I know he has a lot more money in that bank account & wallet for me. He’s my newest Posh puppet, and already he’s trying the ‘you have me so addicted, I need to get away’ routine, we all know how that ends. He will not only be unable to resist ME, but he’ll fall even harder and perhaps I’ll manipulate him into giving me the cash from MULTIPLE personal loans. It’s obvious he’s just like the rest of you, admiring me for so long before CRUMBLING beneath the weight of my power. Ultimately you always give in. Once you find me, all it takes is one little push and I have you ready to be raped & drained by MY beautiful insatiable hands.

Your obsession with me can not be controlled. It’s consumed you whole & it feels just SO good. It’s so yummy to be constantly thinking about Posh. Each moment of your life you’re thinking about your Goddess, imagining ways  you can give in and lose control to me. Imagining how easy it would be to just give in and make me feel yummy. I know you want to be a good boy for me too, I know you want to be a good financial puppet & feel the power of my greed as I use you up.

Check out my interview on toxic treat.

I promise you financial masochists will get more and more Posh, I know you’re struggling right now in extreme need for the feelings only I can give you. I know you need me, need Posh, NEED me, don’t you puppet. I know you NEED your Goddess, need me, need me – you need me, you can’t live without me. What a lonely life you would lead, a pointless existence without your Goddess to guide you into the path of financial submission.

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