What brings a smile to my most gorgeous, most sweet, most adorable face?

Driving a wedge between you.. and ..

everything else in your life.

No need for sleep, now is there. Your body can relax and melt to the musical tone of my rich sensual voice as your mind is taken on a journey into helpless obedience, who needs sleep when they are being programmed to automatic pay pet for Poshy? Not you.

No need for cash, now is there! Your stress will float away as each dollar of your slave wages is placed securely into MY pretty hands, one after the other, click click click so easily. Who needs money when they can devote their entire pay check and all their hard earned puppet cash to MY pleasure! Not you.

No need for family, now is there.. Your anxiety and burdens of taking care of THEM will wash away by the all consuming need to stare deeper into MY beautiful eyes and become more helpless and more mesmerized for ME. Who needs family when everything which makes sense and which matters can be found in the gentle gaze of your loving Queen. NOT YOU.

No need for god, now is there. Your delusions which misled you in a life of impurity will shatter into a million little pieces as the raw truth of MY purity and my perfection surrounds you with such force you can feel my will, and my superiority, in every breath you take. Who needs religion when you can bask in the glory of a TRUE Goddess whose immense power overwhelms your mind, body and heart. Not you.

No need for sex, now is there!! Your selfish habit of jerking and fucking for your own icky cum will crumble in shame when confronted by the sweet lust in my whispered moans as you bring ME to pleasure over and over, with each deposit of the cash I am SO entitled to. Who needs sex when giving to Goddess feels like heaven on Earth and makes your body ache with intensity!! Not YOU.

I am the most important, the most devastatingly greedy, the most wickedly demanding Financial Domination Goddess there is. You WILL sacrifice for MY luxury, you will SUFFER for MY pleasure, you will SERVE on your humble slave knees and accept this is more than an addiction, this is the ONLY WAY for you to ever matter. I am the ultimate MONEY DOMME & you will BEG to submit to ME. Face it bitch, the ONLY thing you need is to be a good boy for ME.

Call me on the Financial Domination HOT HOT HOTLINE and tell me JUST HOW FUCKED you are.

You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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