The One For Paul

I see your soul, it is floating in a dark cloud of lonely misery begging for a strong powerful woman to come save it. It is crying for hope, and for light. I am light Paul, I am hope Paul. I am the savior of your soul, I will cradle it in my womanly arms against my smooth soft bosom and bring you to safety. I will hold your hand and guide you into the light of MY world, where you will once again find meaning and love and peace. Through serving ME you will find wholeness, you WILL submit your life at my feet in awe of the power I have over you.

My sensuality is awesome to behold as your body twitches and tries to fight it. I am pure Goddess, high above you, gazing down at you as the weakness erupts from within the pit of your stomach and drives you deeper into obsession over me.

Pure Pure Goddess.
Pure Pure Goddess.
Oh Goddess.

Oh Goddess, pure PURE Goddess.

The inate sexuality of your being can not resist the fuel I feed to your addiction. With the promise of providing you purpose, with the hope I can give, you ignore the nagging voice in the back of your head- the one which says: She is OUT to get you, she is trouble..

It fades into a memory and all you feel is the pleasure of submission, the pleasure of being ‘needed’, ‘wanted’, ‘loved’- it’s all SOOOOO good. Mmmmm Sooooooo good. Why not give in? Why not dance on strings for a strong powerful beautiful Goddess? Why not satisfy a woman, her every want and need fulfilled? Why not be a good boy and make HER happy? And so it makes perfect sense, your soul is no longer lost but held against her bosom and suffocated in her warm love and it is there that you realize she will be the end of everything you once knew, everything you are, everything you ever wanted to be-

But it is good.

Your pain legend among other slaves. They want to be you, and you don’t even want to be you. You want to be dead, but they, they want to be you Paul. Every single day a new one contacts me and begs to cry in desperation for me the way YOU do.

Your financial sacrifice inspiration for other puppets. They idolize you, they adore what I have done to you, and they want to sacrifice EVERYTHING the same as YOU Paul. Of all MY slaves you are the most poor, and yet you sacrifice more than ANY. It is the fact you suffer for me, true debt, TRUE suffering, that makes me want to wrap you up in cotton and keep you near me always.

Oh Goddess, pure PURE Goddess. It is GOOD, it is good, it IS good.

It is time Paul for you to inhale the intoxicating scent of Posh power. It is time for you to close your eyes, settle down into a soft comfortable place and breathe in MY power. It is time for you to BREATHE in my power, deeply into your lungs and feel it sweep through your body. Breathe me in Paul and relax into yourself, it is time to relax and enjoy being MY brainwashed, hypnotized puppet. It is good, it is so good and you do love it.

Play Ultimate Mindfuck Parts 1 & 2 over and over. Relive your fate, settle back into your place and feel it again and again. Oh Paul, you are helpless. Oh you are so weak, so helpless, and my other puppets are taking after YOU paul. Through you I have carved a path of submission to MY feet, and all of my sheep follow it. Such good boys, such good helpless sheep, following their leader right into the arms of their Goddess.

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