The Moral Dilemma of Financial Domination

The Moral Dilemma of Financial Domination

For some people this lifestyle choice is morally wrong. Those same people could be doing many immoral things themselves, like drinking & driving, shopping at wal-mart (mwahahaha) or eating meat from a factory farm (yeah that’s right, it’s all a matter of opinion). My opinions on what is immoral could be vastly different from yours, and thus as a society, in general, our moral standards are not carved in stone.

Some people wonder how I can take money from a man, especially if he has a family. They don’t understand the way financial domination works so I can’t blame them for being curious. I received an email yesterday that said ‘Get a real job if you want money, in today’s society people are going through so much poverty and you’re taking peoples money, when you should be going out and getting a real job to make a contribution to society, You’re no better then a whore, or a crack whore.’

This little girl is simply a friend of my slave, and while she didn’t bother me at all, she is clueless about our lifestyle, I found her statements about ‘today’s society being in poverty’ and me taking people’s money to be interesting.

Let’s clarify a few things. I don’t look down on whore’s or crack whore’s, so to say I’m no better than them isn’t an insult to me. Crack whore’s are people with an addiction, who need help. They aren’t bad people. They are ADDICTED, that is a mental illness. Why would you insult someone by saying they are no better than a crack whore?! That just show’s a lack of intelligence, empathy, and a really narrow-minded outlook on life.

I do work. I know you boy’s don’t like to think about this as my job but you have to understand, it’s the same as any person taking what they LOVE & profiting from it. While it is MY lifestyle choice, I still MAKE MONEY & I still put forth an effort. The more effort I put into this, the more money I make. If this was so easy all I would have to do is say ‘give me your money’ & you would do it. People who aren’t part of this lifestyle don’t understand that being a Goddess is yes a very enjoyable way to be, but it also take’s me doing MY share. I can’t just wake up and every boy online with the need to be submissive, lose control & give his money away, find’s me!

As for today’s society having poverty. Firstly, all society has had poverty, not just today’s. I do My share to help those who are homeless or starving. I provide food & money to charities both locally & world wide, I don’t eat meat because food from factory farms is actually contributing to world hunger, and I try to buy fair trade whenever I can. A lot of people who look down on me for ‘taking’ money aren’t even looking at their OWN contributions to the world hunger crisis. All of my slaves are well off & they CHOOSE to contact me because they NEED me. When someone contacts me that obviously doesn’t have any money do you really think I ‘take’ money from them?! Some people are struggling financially, but that doesn’t mean ALL people are. Those who serve me initially aren’t struggling. I can’t claim that they aren’t suffering some once I get my claws into their wallet, but that is the whole point of being MY slave. Suffering for me, isn’t it puppet’s. All you want to do is sacrifice for your Goddess.

If you shop at wal-mart you’re contributing to world hunger & poverty. If you buy chocolate you’re contributing to children being slaves in other countries. If you buy meat from grocery and it’s distributed from a factory farm you’re contributing to world hunger, pollution, animals suffering, & SLAVERY. Why don’t you get off of your moral high horse where you judge ME & MY slaves who are all grown men, that simply adore ME & love to feel My power over them, and look at yourself in the mirror.

Yeah I take money from grown men (and an occasional woman) who choose to give it to me, because the very act of me taking it provides for them many things. A sense of purpose, a release of control, a depth of emotion, that they can’t find anywhere else. These are INDIVIDUAL men, & if you think I am causing more poverty in the world than you are – those of you who give in to corporate America, who do the ‘lower prices’ bitch dance for wal-mart, who look down on people coming into the States with the goal of bettering their lives as ‘aliens’ who have no right to be here (despite this very country being founded by killing the natives & stealing their land) I would say you’re completely delusional and have no clue on how the world really works. You’re just a zombie for the daily grind, and you’re pissed off because I don’t have to be. You’re a narrow-minded, boring, brainwashed by the media typical little girl that thinks she knows everything but actually knows absolutely nothing.

People can pass moral judgment on me for participating in a consensual act, a very intimate and personal act of financial domination with my puppets & slaves, but they need to think about what they are doing to contribute to the waste of the World before jumping down My throat.

Did you realize every time you eat a nasty burger from McDonald’s or any other fast food that you’re contributing to factory farm’s, which by the way, a lot of them hire people from Mexico and TRAP them with very little pay, no health insurance, and treat them basically like slaves. Did you realize those same factory farms are spilling thousands of pounds of shit into our water sources, and that many people who live near these giant farms have become very sick from the pollution. Did you know the food they feed to all of those animals could be food they feed to starving children, and that the land being used to house ALL of those animals could be land used to grow MORE vegetation to feed PEOPLE. Did you realize that the animals are sick, abused & often times the FDA just ignores the issues because the meat industry is buying them off. No, you didn’t realize that because you’re ignorant and have the wool pulled over your gullible little eye’s. I won’t even get started on wal-mart. Educate yourself instead of attacking me you fool.

Also if you’re so concerned about people with addictions, and the person who enables it, I think your time would be better spent at the local bar bitching out the bar tender, the owner, and the alcohol distributor.

Picture of me with MONEY that I took from men. Yummy.

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