The Mindwash Minx

Women have held a great power over man from the beginning of time, and most do not realize this. Most will cower in the shadow of a man, hoping for his approval. Most will feed the male whatever he wants for fear it will wander away if not. I won’t feed you whatever you want, and if you wander away I won’t be scared to be without you. I’m not like that, because I know the power I have. I know what I possess. This is why you don’t see me tweeting photos all day every day of every single thing I do. My life is much too sacred for that. You peeping toms and perverts don’t get to just LOOK at ME! I am not here for you to STARE at you disgusting lowlife! I want REAL MEN WITH REAL CASH TO SERVE ME LIKE A REAL GODDESS.. not a bunch of jerking off perverts that can’t stop staring at my perfect breasts and beautiful face long enough to get their wallet out and SERVE.

My beauty isn’t on display. I’m not a dolly on the internet for various men to come look at and play with as they see fit. I’ve received a lot of messages from men asking to see my body, asking to see more of me, and I ignore them. Those men don’t get me. They don’t get what I want. The men who get what I want would never ask for something like that. I already feel you’re way more than blessed as it is because of the header I have on my site. Too much of MY beauty exposed for the masses to see.

It’s much better to keep my beauty locked away from all the UNDESERVING FILTH of the world, the disgusting predators and horrible dirty creepos that populate the internet. I shudder at the thought of those unworthy vile cretins being given access to me. This is why I limit how much I show on twitter, and I feel I have been much too generous as is. I am the kind of woman that deserves to be worshiped and served for all that I am, including my physical form. I am sensuous, elegant, elite, classy, feminine, femme fatale, dominate, adorable, and seductive all in one.. it’s too much for your boy brain to take.. the site of my curves puts your lust into high gear and sets you off on a path of destruction.. no thinking, just obsessing, over those curves, over that face… too much beauty for a boy like you to take.. just stare and obsess for me my pet..

My body is too beautiful and sensual to be on display for everyone .. ugh! You will PAY and PAY and PAY to kneel and worship under the divine curves of your Goddess.

Luscious Goddess Enjoys your Money Photo Set


Under Perfection Cleavage & Toes Photo Set:


Blue Dream Beauty Worship Photo Set:



Speaking of goodybags have you checked out my sister, Princess Sasha Star ? She has many to choose from.
I took the photos of her in this goodybag with my Nikon D800 .. there are two bonus photos that show me in the bg taking the pics.

Ruby Red Love – Lipstick Fetish Photos

My lips LOVE to be coated in this ruby red lipstick.. it glides on so smoothly. I’m so beautiful with these full pouty red lips…now it’s time to cash in on your weakness. Included are 20 high quality fetish photos of me applying ruby red lipstick & two bonus photos revealing the photographer, Goddess Posh.

 <— Princess Sasha Star goodybag!!!

Have you noticed my new twitter name? TheMindwashMinx @GoddessPosh



What is up with the lack of favorites (other than robotoine) and retweets on this photo? You boys are pathetic.

Despite your lack of devotion to me on twitter I have taken mercy on my addicts and released the new clip The Mindwash Minx anyway. It is in Poshtopia right now, calling to you .. tempting you .. here puppet puppet, here, come watch me… After watching you will be triggered by my name on twitter every time you see it.. triggered into sweet sweet surrender of yourself to The Mindwash Minx .. triggered into mindless obedience… triggered onto your weak knees with your wallet out!


My amazon wishlist has exploded with WANTS. Start clearing it. You’re worthless to me if you’re not spending, and if you don’t like being worthless FIX it with your WALLET. Pay penance with your PAYCHECK by spending it all on ME.


You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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5 years ago

Oh Goddess Posh, you’re so beautiful in this blue dress! Thanks to allow us to see you here! We are so lucky to be VIP , you’re so generous with yours puppet!
Mhmm I can’t wait to watch the new clip, I hope tonight even if I need to “forget” a stupid bill of mine for buy the clip!

5 years ago

Thank You for the gorgeous pics and for allowing Your slaves the opportunity to serve You in so many ways Goddess! You are stunning in that dress; thanks for guiding poshyfool to buy it for You!

Her Little Wallet
Her Little Wallet
5 years ago

Thank You so much for being this generous with us weak slaves and let us read Your words, see Your beautiful face and body, and let us know how You are going to mindfuck and drain us of all money with Your Voice, Your diabolic smartness and Your sexiness.

5 years ago

Can’t wait to purchase The Mindwash Minx tomorrow morning Goddess Posh, i am on my knees in gratitude for allowing me the chance to buy this clip and revel in Your perfection!

5 years ago

Mindwashminx… Mhmmm ultimate fix, this is a must have clip for all boys!
Like all yours clips I feel you talk to me directly, only to me, & I feel you so
close to me, you are here with me, in
my mind forever, Goddess Posh I must admit… You make my heart beat like a teenager with his first girlfriend :)!
When I watch yours videos all night long, next to wifey sleeping, I doesn’t feel guilty as a cheater, I feel proud to be your slave!