The Mindfuck Artist

The Mindfuck Artist

I’m not a slave to your need. I’m not a slave to the ache you feel consuming you, the desire that I have implanted into your core that now consumes every part of you.. you’re the slave here, not me. Which means I have all the control. I don’t kneel and bend over backwards to produce for you little doses of your favorite addiction. I don’t bend to YOUR craving for MORE Goddess, instead I hold it over your head and make you BREAK for me. I don’t produce one clip after the other, one tweet after the other, one blog after the other, one pay2view mail after the other for all your addiction needs, because I am not the slave.

I am The Mindfuck Artist!

When I cultivate more of MY art I am also cultivating your MIND. The weak boy brain just can’t help but to want and need MORE of ME. Each dose only brings you further to your knees in humble admiration of the beauty that I am. In all that I do, in all that I create, you are humbled by my superiority and filled with nothing but gratitude for the art that I share. I could just hog it all to myself but being so generous I allow you to admire and drink in MY art.. the art that ensues with each trigger I fill you up with, with each word I grace your addicted little boy brain with, with each release of a new financial domination clip or blog or pay2view the mindfuck ARTIST paints you with an aching NEED, a desire you just can’t help but to indulge in.

You are MY art, you are MY masterpiece, you ARE what I create, what I cultivate. You are the result of MY mindfuck. I have made you and I can break you, I can destroy you, I can choose to end what you are just like that. I hold you in the palm of my hand and mold your boy brain like clay. What I want is what goes. How I want you is how you are. I’ve twist around your insides and rewire your brain. Your brain is the instrument that controls your physical form, your every day life, who and what you are.. and I control your brain. I own it. My mindfuck IS the art, the art that consumes you. Art is beauty and there is beauty in being the mindless helpless ROBOT for Goddess Posh. It is beauty to be a weak money slave under my control, your actions a direct reflection of MY power, MY hands having been used to mold you into the TOY you are.

You are the slave under my spell, trapped in Poshtopia and on display in my gallery for ME to look at and think about how wonderful and amazing I am.. that I used my perfect Goddess hands to give myself everything I’ve ever wanted. I wanted luxury, I wanted happiness, I wanted to be worshiped and adored, and I receive all of that and more CONSTANTLY. I created a beautiful life for Myself using YOU like a canvas, a blank canvas, that I painted, distorted, controlled, contorted, with ease. Without much effort at all I turned you into a puppet for me and watch as you serve mindlessly my every whim. I deserve it. I deserve to have you as my drone. I am THE mindfuck artist, I deserve to be bowed down to and catered to by you and all the other drones in my gallery! I deserve to have you kneeling in admiration for all that I am, eager to please me.

You want me to live a life of luxury. You want me to be pampered and adored. You want to be provide to me. It’s the result of MY cultivation. The result of MY mindfuck. Your boy brain didn’t stand a chance, it never has and never will. It’s mushy and pliable, and I have used my power to create a beautiful life for myself by treating you exactly as you deserve to be treated, like a bitch! MY bitch! I’ve made you crave being used and abused for my pleasure. I’ve made you want and need things you’ve never even imagined before. I’ve taken you from a selfish boy consumed with his own desires and needs, and transformed you through MY mindfuck, through MY art, into the shell of what you once were. Now you crave only to obey. Now you crave only to please. Now you crave only to serve me endlessly without any reservations, no limits, no holding back. You have been exposed to The Venus Sway so much you can’t remember what it feels like to not have your brain on Goddess but you know you NEVER want to go back to a life void of ME. You never want to fall into that black abyss of no Goddess! It’s much better being a product of MY mindfuck. It’s much better letting go of everything else and just accepting you are MY creation, you are MY puppet.

Oh puppet you may send MY cash now, go ahead and indulge in YOUR addiction and make ME happy by clicking and spending like the mindfucked wallet you are!

I’ll accept paypal, gift cards & niteflirt tributes from you puppet.

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