The Kiss of Death

I’m almost done with The Lost Symbol. Its not quite as good as The Da Vinci Code, which is disappointing of course. Its still a great book to read, but the character of Langdon has changed so much from the other novels he was in. I felt as though it drags on in parts, the “fun” I receive from reading about history, conspiracy theories, secret and not so secret societies, theology etc was dampened by the skeptic attitude of Robert Langdon. While I could understand how an educated man would be a skeptic, his attitude was a lot more pessimistic from the other books by Dan Brown, and so I just couldn’t get into it as much. It was almost as if Dan Brown himself had given up on enjoying the mysteries of life and wanted to rub it in the readers faces that we’re all a bunch of sheep believing whatever the media decides to tell us. I felt the overall tone of the book was boredom, but towards the end it did begin to come together and shed light on the major conflict of the book, though still it wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I wanted more, and so maybe the book accomplished its job and left me waiting for the next novel he writes. Hopefully its not another six years.

There are times when I want to test you, see if you’re really paying attention so I say something completely offhanded while we talk. Its your reaction that makes me laugh. I love to see how people respond to the peculiarities of others. How amusing is it when someone gets so worked up over simple things. Its bad for your blood pressure though, really you ought to be more cautious.

I’m pruning my clips4sale shop soon. If there are clips you want and haven’t gotten up the courage to purchase yet tonight and tomorrow will be your last chance. I will still offer the clips for exceptionally greater costs via a password protected link on my website.

The Kiss of Death
Have you gotten on my bad side? Watch and find out, maybe you’ll hear your NAME mentioned, and if you are listed you’ll want to do whatever it takes to keep yourself from suffering any further at my hands.

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I tell you exactly how it is, what your role in life is and how it is impossible for you to resist fulfilling your destiny. I am the sparkling dazzling Goddess that you were made to serve.

Also ladies please feel free to join the forum and you can post about NF, TS, C4S & your own personal site as long as it is FINANCIAL DOMINATION. Activity level is picking up, but the boys definitely outweigh the ladies. I think there are only 5 female members, so join up. Here is the link:
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