The Key To My Heart

Yes I could destroy you, but that’s not the point. The real point is that you WANT me to destroy you- what kind of fucked up person do you have to be to crave your own destruction at the greedy hands of a dominant beauty? I’ll tell you what kind of person you are.. you are the type of person that is self-centered, so much so that he believes he isn’t. He is delusional in his view of relationships, and the world around him. He believes that he is a slave, when really he just longs to have his desires filled and since his desires aren’t to fuck a woman (doh’) he believes he is superior to other men and really a feminist and woman’s right supporter at heart. This kind of guy makes me SICK, and thus I gain much joy from abusing, manipulating and draining their (YOUR) wallet.You know, real men know how to give in to every demand a woman gives,  FUCK her silly, making her cum over and over and THEN give in to her every demand again!  From the looks of things you really can’t count yourself as a man, can you? It’s okay though, because that just means I can skip the sex and get every single thing I want from you. Listen, you don’t need to leave me comments saying how pathetic you are and how easily I could destroy you. I already know this, believe me.

Hey guess what, I’m still making clips (obviously) and I have released a very sexy, mind mushing, stimulating in oh too many ways, hot clip that will drain you dry. Get out your wallets, I’ve just given you the opportunity to earn the key to my heart.

My devoted followers have long been trying to edge themselves a special place in my heart, and in a giant surge of generosity I have created a clip that not only explains HOW you can become my very special key toting puppet, but also gives you the chance to earn the physical key that I keep tucked right between my perfect breasts. I will ship it along with high resolution photos of it dangling in my sexy cleavage to my number one PET. Not just anyone can earn that coveted position though. Let’s see which one of you can be the best boy ever & earn the key. The Key To My Heart

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Under the Influence

i would die for You Goddess! my life belongs to You. i am consumed and controlled. my mind is Your domain, and You rule it with a silken fist, wielding a clawhammer…