The ‘GIFT’ of Financial Servitude

Today a slave made it clear to me that serving Goddess comes at a great personal cost. Wow his ego is mighty inflated. He feels like the great knight on his white horse when serving me, feeling as though by putting ME first he is a hero and owed a favor by the world. I’d like to flip this on him because the fact is without ME all of you would be nothing but worthless lumps on the morale of society.

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Under the Influence

such a powerful entry. No one is a hero for doing the right thing, likewise, you don’t owe any of us anything either. I think some people forget their place and believe they should be thanked, owed, sought after because they choose to do a submissive act. Simply being ALLOWED to do the act should be fulfilled enough.
Sounds like some very selfish people.


Goddess is not only beautiful and powerful but she has shown me how i do need the gift of financial servitude. Tonight she magnanimously after i begged to give her all of my upcoming bonus pay, it feels so good to sacrifice it all TO HER, FOR HER–it’s a real gift indeed to be allowed to please and serve HER