The Financial Princess & The Money Slaves

The Financial Princess & The Money Slaves

I think it’s funny how women constantly compete with one another to be the best, when in reality nobody is exactly like another person. Some competition can be healthy but when you are living a lifestyle you don’t NEED to compete! It’s like when you see a married woman trying to outdo, or get her partner to outdo, her best friend. They are both living the married lifestyle, and bouncing ideas off each other makes sense but competing doesn’t. You shouldn’t have to outdo your friend in order for your partner to love you or to feel good about yourself..

I don’t have to compete with other financial dommes because there is only one me and the only person I am having a competition with is myself, and this is a personal goal that most people have- to continue learning and growing and achieving new personal heights. That’s what I’m interested in. So I find it amusing when the cattiness and bitchiness takes over some people’s mentalities but then I also feel sorry for them because if they spent half of their energy focused on themselves instead of on me (or others) they would excel. It doesn’t matter how much ‘better or worse’ you are than the next Domme because your slaves will adore you anyway. My slaves/pets/addicts adore me, regardless of what another Domme says or does and I’m fully confident in myself & in my ability to continue growing as a person- and you should be too.

Of course I should take my own advice, that will be the last I say about that! Its time instead to focus solely on ME.


Well except for, if you haven’t noticed, I did release another radio show with a guest spot from Goddess Penelope who was quite lovely as expected. We had a lot of fun chatting. If you want to check it out visit & it will play through out the day (music & ads for other Dommes in between).


So keep it open always and you won’t miss it!

The previous broadcasts are available to VIP boys or if you’d like to purchase those you can contact me at OR if you know of someone who would be interested in doing a guest spot they can contact me there as well. I’m also going to try a live broadcast with music and all of that jazz later in the week (remember I have no concept of time because I am a Goddess & every day is like the weekend to me and it all blends in together). I am a spur of the moment person so you’ll have to keep tuned in.

VIP boys there is a fun and creative financial domination story waiting for you inside.. The Financial Princess & The Money Slaves

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