Financial Domination Sensation

The Return Of The Financial Domination Radio Show

Oh look addict, here is yet another amazing reason for you to sit on my website ALL day long! The original Financial Domination Radio show is back on the air! YESSSSS how exciting for you, this is a wonderful day in the world of financial domination isn’t it. Finally, my voice back on the air on a continuous stream to seduce, weaken, and abuse you. Mmmm.


Can you resist the voice of Goddess Posh?

Features of The Financial Domination Radio Show & Premium VIP Access:

The Financial Domination Radio show is exclusive now to only Premium VIP members! As a PREMIUM VIP puppet you will be given access to highly potent material, exclusive photos, videos, mp3’s, 24/7 streaming POSH RADIO, & the chance to listen in as I rape wallets LIVE on the air. I don’t just talk about financial domination, I live it, and you get to listen in as I drain a weak money slave live. In fact, it could even be YOU that I choose to drain in front of my listeners.

You so want to join because you would LOVE to hear the rush of pleasure in my voice as I milk more and more money out of my boys. You even hope to be one of those boys.. slayed by MY voice, seduced by My greed, tempted by My beauty ..

Posh Messiah on the air and in your mind ALL the time mmmm…

Streaming 24/7 you will hear MY voice. YES 24/7 MY voice will be streaming straight into your boy brain.

Between the streaming shows, live shows & mp3’s there are subliminal ad’s featuring POSH.. yes .. that’s right, between the shows there is only MORE POSH! OMG. All the ad’s feature ME … you can’t get away, you can’t escape, you are just SO fucked! You just listen to my voice because it’s so pleasant and then ooops, all those little subliminal messages I’ve slipped in under the radar are working away at your resolve, weakening your will and converting your mind into nothing more than a vessel for MY desires.

Addicts will never leave my website again, you all are sooooooooo fucked for me and I love it.

If you’re not yet a VIP boy use the pay2view niteflirt button below to gain access. You are going to love it SO much. I am going to love it SO much. I can not wait until I infiltrating that little boy brain of yours with EVERYTHING Posh. ALL Goddess ALL the time! I am SO generous to you. I am such a thoughtful Goddess allowing a junkie like you this chance.


If you are VIP already (since BEFORE FEB 4th 2013) then I have a special rate just for you. Contact me for info..

Are you truly an addict? Do you truly worship? Then you WILL become one of MY premium VIP puppets and you will indulge your addiction by going deeper and deeper down this little rabbit hole..

Goddess Posh

Premium VIP Access


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Oh Goddess, i can’t wait to become a prmium vip pet! it’s such a good news to see financialdominationradio comes back !

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