The Dangerous Side of Beauty

I have been somewhat unavailable online lately, but I’ll be around most of this week. I do have clips available for those of you who are craving your Posh Dosage. I am selling them both on c4s and niteflirt.

I do have a new one available. Yesterday was nerdlings birthday, and in being the wonderful Goddess I am, I generously got on cam. I was doing this mostly for myself as it gives me pleasure to torment him and deny his orgasm, but I also knew there would be other slave boys hoping to get a peek and they would become a side dish to my main course, so to speak. I do have a big appetite when it comes to weak men and their wallets. As I watched myself on cam I realized how beautiful I looked, and couldn’t blame them for being so weak for me. I then decided since I was having such a great day I would make a clip all about My beauty. It’s called “The Dangerous Side of Beauty”-

This clip is powerful – you are transfixed on my lovely luscious lips while I apply lipgloss, the whole time feeding you suggestions. I believe you will reach a very suggestive state of mind, similar to being in a trance. We explore obedience, financial slavery, and addiction among other things. Those who are weak for beauty will especially benefit from this clip. I suggest you buy it now, and watch it again and again.

Preview: For those who can’t handle the real thing.

Clips Store: Shop til’ you drop! Perfect enticing entrancing manipulative clips

I opened my front door today and there were eight packages waiting for me to open them. Lovely, but most were just some nail polish from my foot bitch. He’s starting to become my favorite pet.. I know that makes you insecure, so you’re just going to have to step it up. He buys me whatever I want. Yesterday he paid for 5 pairs of shoes, and the day before he bought me 2 pairs of shoes along with I don’t remember what else. I love each and every pair and I don’t ever have to ask for a thing. What have you done for Me lately? Hmm, are you trying to remain at the bottom of the rung, or do you want to be at the top? You’re going to have to work hard if you want to get to the top my pet.

Good bye for now,

Goddess Posh

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