The Call of the Succubus

My weekend was slow! I didn’t get to go up north like I wanted, but made plans to be gone from Weds-Sat this week instead, which means a whopping 4 to 5 days without me.

I heard comments that my journal was boring, okay everyone in the  LJ financial domination community probably read those comments. I never sent any of my subs in to defend me, and none of them are on LJ. I know I have many admirers on here who lurk and hope to see a new entry from me daily. I did post as myself to make it clear that I knew whoever was bashing my writing either was a very insecure person or someone that is obsessing over me.  People are curious why I don’t post ‘proof’ pics or talk in more detail about my exploits of men. I can understand why people are confused after seeing something the same way for so long, and then someone else comes along that is different.

When I first came online a couple of years ago I’d go through the hassle of posting pics every now and then. I rarely talked about figures even then. It became a really big hassle! Honestly, when you are getting gifts or cash a lot you don’t want to sit and have to prove it every single time to the rest of the Financial Domination world. I decided I would just share pictures or videos of the gifts and cash I get with those who actually send it, and even then only if they make it worth it. I really feel that I should live as stress free a life as possible, and that I have more to offer the world intellectually than just some pics of the money I get. I didn’t think it was interesting at all, I found it to be just a contest amongst the ladies and just some jerk off material for the boys. I didn’t want to participate with either of those things. Its not my job to entertain the rest of the community. If they want to jerk off to the IDEA  of financial slavery by seeing what other people do they can find someone ELSE to jerk off to. So while some people may consider my journal boring, I consider them a boring person. I write the way I do to attract intelligent people.

I am a snob, I don’t care what other people think about me, I only let certain men serve me. I have my standards. I am not willing to do any kind of what I deem degrading or disgusting acts to make a man feel ‘submissive’ enough to give me cash. The men who serve me are very well educated and understand it is not about fetishes, it is about my superiority and their inferiority. It is about them giving me money because it is only RIGHT and it is how the world is.

I make clips because I enjoy it, its a nice way to make men feed their mind with my images and words. Its a simple way to keep my subs in constant need of me. Its a wonderful way to meet new men that feel the same way I do about financial domination. I enjoy seducing men out of their money. I feel as though I am more of a manipulator, & a bit sadistic, than I am a “Domme”. While I am always SUPERIOR to these men, I fit more as their Goddess to be worshiped.

I have produced two new Posh Experiences for those who are interested. If you’re not interested in my journal why do you keep reading it?

The first is called –


This is an MP3 (obviously) in which I use the exercise of repeat after me to brainwash you into believing that you can not live without me. I am your oxygen, and in order to survive you need me. You need to breathe me in, feel me taking over your body, becoming one with you. I am the OXYGEN you breathe!

Call of the Succubus-
Traditionally succubus want to drain your cock, but I am sure you already know that my corruption & lust has nothing to do with your man bits, aside from SEDUCING you into SUBMISSION. This Succubus prefers instead to feed on your soul, & your wallet.

Listen to the Call of the Succubus, hear my voice penetrating your life as I tempt you & distract you from my evil plan, by applying beautiful pink lipstick & teasing you with my cleavage & breasts.

Cleavage cam & Lipstick fetish all in one while brainwashing & seduction work your mind over, making you feel so weak & so helpless, all for Me, your SUCCUBUS.

Its so easy to relax to my voice, and give in to my will. You’ll never consider fighting my power again.

Go stock up on the clips of me, while I am gone it will give you plenty to obsess over. Feed your mind, and I’ll feed from your soul..

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