Financial Domination Sensation

The Blood Oath

I’m a junkie too-

I’m addicted to your submission, I always want more, no NEED more from you. As you know junkies will do whatever it takes to get their fix. We’ve seen the lengths you are willing to go to get what you need (ME). We’ve seen how you’re ready to do whatever it takes for just one more hit.

Imagine how dangerous a woman like myself is when she’s ready for a fix. My fix is your blood, your sacrifice, your submission. I will always get what I want, and thus you’re fucked.

When you try to get away from me, that just makes you more tempting. That’s right boys, it’s about ME and MY desires, and I desire you on your knees as my eternal slave. This is why you’re going to take the Blood Oath. This is why the ceremony is going to be performed by YOU, because you need to give me my fix just like you need your own. Because you are compelled to go that extra mile, that extra step, to the next LEVEL of sacrifice and submission. You know it’s only right, and you want to do the right thing. It makes you feel good to do the right thing, it makes you feel good to go to the farthest depths of submission.

It’s time, take the Blood Oath and feel your blood dripping from your body along with any resistance you think you have- your life will be MINE.

Complete the Blood Oath ceremony & forever be bond to ME when you BUY the clip –

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She did it again. No matter how hard I try to resis, I’m drawn to her clips. Whenever I think they couldn’t get any better, she amazes me. The latest, Blood Oat, had me down on my knees sweating and unable to resiust her commands. I didn’t want to admit it but I followed all her instructions and then threw away the results. If you’re smart you waon’t buy any of her clips. All they will do is enslave you and turn you into her puppet.

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