Wicked Little Fuck Over

As a special little Valentines treat all of my very indoctrinated puppets are so very lucky because I’ve just released a new file EXCLUSIVE to them! This file called Wicked Little Fuck Over is 11 minutes of dangerous mind altering Poshy venom. Some boys think I am wicked but take a look at me, do I look wicked to you?! Why don’t you take a listen to this audio file and find out how wicked I can be. I am your Financial Domination Goddess, I am entitled and superior, I am expecting from you EVERYTHING. I am expecting it ALL to be placed at my feet, no matter what the sacrifice. No matter who gets hurt in the process, as long as you’re a good boy and give give give until there is nothing left I’ll be happy.. that’s not wicked is it?

Is it wicked to bring you deep into a trance and trigger your mind with the power of The Venus Sway so that in the end you come out a completely helpless, addicted, warped, trapped, so in love with Goddess, financial slave? There is thrill in the fear of letting go and disappearing for Posh. VIP log in and listen now! The rest of you boys can listen too simply by clicking and spending to become a VIP boy yourself.

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The Pay Piggy Code Financial Domination MP3

Ooooh pay piggy, it’s time you learned the code and followed it diligently. Believe me, this will be the best thing to happen in your sad little life. All you have to do is send a nice big tribute to your deserving Financial Domme (ME) as you listen to and memorize every word of The Code

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