Time to Start Over

As you can see I haven’t recovered the old blog. boo. Starting over from scratch, but that’s ok. I think it was 8 or 9 months worth of blogs.

Yesterday I went out shopping & visited the lake. It’s pretty but no way I would swim in that with all the nasty fish. Ewww.

you should be well behaved and feeling very generous today, your Goddess is still a bit on the annoyed side and ready to do some damage to your nether regions.

Have to go to victoria secrets before saturday, one of my friends is getting married and she wants panties and bra’s as her gift. Funny isn’t it. you may send a victoria secrets giftcard that I can use on her.

Weekend wise I met a couple of new random boys, but neither of them impressed me very much. $200 from one and only $100 from the other.. next time you approach someone claiming to be so very eager to serve and submit : “you are so perfect. I worship you Princess. I read your blog everyday. I want to give everything to you.” .. be prepared. I’m not some hello kitty little princess who needs your money to pay for classes. I am a Goddess who deserves all the money, I am entitled to it, and I crave the power that comes from forcing you to submit. It wouldn’t pan out between them and I because I prefer a submissive who is involved in financial domination purely to serve Me, not his fetishes. I hate fetish fantasy seekers. Don’t seek me out and think you can wave money in front of my face and I’ll conform to your ideas. It’s not going to happen. I am stubborn, have my own free will and know what I want. I don’t want to be your online fantasy come to life. I couldn’t even care any less about your fantasies. I deserve to be treated as a Goddess and that’s it, rather simple isn’t it?

I have made a few boys change to a vegetarian diet this week, and so far it’s going well for them. I can’t say for sure if they are telling the truth or not, but if they knew what was good for them they would always do as I say.

I do love the boys who fly by for a week, giving as much as they can and disappearing again. It’s rather enjoyable for me knowing that I fucked them over, leaving their mind even more twisted then when they first met Me!

I’ve been dating a friend, not really dating, but hanging out with a lot. He’s great for cuckolding. I’m sure that I am ready to really date again. Boyfriends are so easy to manipulate, and what is fun about it is that they don’t even realize how much control I really have until it’s too late for them to resist. Is it a little evil to hit an unsuspecting man with Me? hahaha. Maybe, but I don’t care.  What I really like is a piece of arm candy. Men in society drag women around like trophies, even some of you “submissives” who are in the closet, you would only date and marry a woman who made you look good to your friends. you choose to be with someone who accentuates you and even overshadows you with her beauty. It’s rather pathetic that someone who is such a loser puts on such a big front to the public, it’s those kinds of subs that I really want to put into place. These same boys go behind closed doors and serve whichever “goddess” they can find that will cater to their specific fantasies, all standards tossed aside.

I suppose I am in a mocking mood, and with Me humiliation does not brush on the surface. Oooh you have a small peepee- sure I’ll say that from time to time when I know how weak it makes a boy- but it’s not my main thing. My humiliation of you will go deep beneath the surface, my fingers will curl around your mind and dig through the attic finding what really makes you tick. Those are the things that force you to truly submit, to stop looking to get off and fulfill your fantasies, and to crumble beneath me as a lowly slave who desires nothing more than to increase your addiction to Me while serving Me with as much cash as you possibly can. If you run out of cash you will get a loan, and if you run out of loans you will sell sell sell and if you run out of things to sell then you are .. screwed? hahaha No, because I will always think of more ways to put you to use. Don’t worry, you will always have a place serving Me as long as you serve up to my standards.

I am available on yahoo today, maybe do some cam tonight. I will also be taking calls on NF but don’t feel like talking at all, ignoring you sounds good.


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