Tiny Antoine is all locked up in his pink prison for ME. His little clitty is always leaking, but never ever does it receive the pleasure of cumming. His tiny knows, understands, that the only release Antoine will be receiving is of his slave wages into my pretty greedy hands! Being chaste for Goddess is in fact an  honor, a privilege for which his tiny bows down and thanks Me for allowing. I am such a sweet and generous Goddess to allow this cuckold bitch to wrap his tiny useless thingy up in the name of Posh and rest assured he will never be allowed to stroke his dirty boy parts again. It’s really such a filthy habit for you jerk off masters to be playing with yourselves as you visit my website and drain your wallets on MY luxury, it’s such a disgusting way for piggies to behave. Chastity is the perfect solution, but only those who beg like humble bitches will receive the guidance and instructions you so crave & need from this Fem Domme.

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Objectified Money Puppet Ogled by Poshy

Posted by GoddessPosh on Friday Dec 31, 2010 Under Financial Domination, Money Slaves, youtube

Centuries have passed with women being nothing but an object to own, a posession to claim, a piece of property to confine and restrict. Even now we’re still objectified as a sexual object for the pleasure of men. You boys do the same thing, you look at my breasts and you grow weak but still you fantasize. You put me on a pedestal, over your wife or girlfriend, because I am the perfect creature that torments your soul and taunts your cock and it all started the moment your laid eyes on me. Read More

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I love waking up to cash tributes waiting for me on Niteflirt, that is such a lovely feeling knowing that while I am peacefully at rest half way across the world there is an obsessed boy dreaming of how to make me happy. Read More

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It starts when you first find me, and begin lingering around my site. Maybe you foolishly believe you can just look but not touch. You feel you can hold out on giving in and just enjoy the benefits of reading MY journal and obsessing over the fantasy of being a good boy. Only, you made a mistake.
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Hello my loyal readers. You just can’t get enough of your MONEY DOMME can you. After writing my awesome financial domination weekend draining entry yesterday so many of you came RUNNING to me with your wallets out, ready to serve. Just like Danno said, I have MAGIC over you boys. Something about me TRUMPS everything else in your life. Whether it be the urge to seek help for your financial domination addiction, the need to pay bills, the desire to serve other women- none of it compares to ME. Everything else takes a back seat to your need to pleasure ME, your Goddess of MindFuck & financial slavery.

Repeat photo because I just look so serene and adorable here.
moneydomme goddess posh

Poor Danno was just trying to escape his financial domination addiction. In fact that was what he typed into google, but since I’m so amazing and planned it out I’m search result number FOUR. I knew many boys would TRY to get away and input those exact terms & when they did instead of finding a way out, they would be pulled in even deeper than before through ME. Through MY portal of financial domination. Danno though, you should know, it’s for your own good. You’re always going to be a money slave, and after trying to escape from other Dommes who just can’t grasp onto your wallet hard enough, it’s really best for you to slip back under with a REAL Goddess. I’m doing this for YOU, I’m looking out for YOUR best interest. If it wasn’t for me, you’d all be bouncing around between Dommes trying to find that place, that perfect subspace, where you can truly lose control, feel addiction and sink to new depths of submission. With ME you never have to search for that, because I provide it. Isn’t that so kind of me?

Of course he couldn’t resist showing his appreciate through his wallet, and I don’t expect it to end there. I know he’ll be back begging to give to me again just like the rest of you! Even silversleep couldn’t stop himself from giving MORE to me. All of you are so weak for your money Goddess. Now, Andrew my obsessed Aussie has promised to get a personal loan and give me all of it! He’s already extended his credit for me and I am SO excited to rape his wallet again.

I’m going to be spending the evening in a luxury spa with a so soothing jacuzzi. I am so excited to be pampered on your dime. I’m so thrilled to be spending money you worked for. After all, that is the life of a money domme. I’m a very special money domme, I hypnotize, enchant and brainwash you into such a deep state of love and adoration. It’s a fact you just can’t live without me.

For those of you who wish to contribute to MY spa evening you simply have to send paypal cash. If you don’t have MY paypal, you can either buy it or suffer knowing you failed.

Also, I would like to say my condolences for those of you who were effected by 9/11 on a more personal level. I have quite a few slaves who live in NYC. Even I am humbled by the tragedy that took place 9 years ago, and I hope we never have to experience anything like that again in ANY country.

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I bet you thought you would be safe for the weekend because we’re both usually busy (me out spending the money you worked for of course). Since I only let successful men serve me it’s no surprise that you have a family, events and all those things you do to keep up the facade that you’re NORMAL. But we know the truth, don’t we puppet. We know the truth about who and what you REALLY are.

You’re a weak money bitch for ME. You go to work every day and you know you are there for one reason, to make more money for your Goddess. You slave away day in and day out hoping for the opportunity to see a smile on MY face. My smiles LIGHT up your world, and for those of you who are aching to see it grace my beautiful face just buy my clip Edging. I laugh & I giggle at you- knowing you are right there, at the edge of falling into MY trap and all I have to do is give you one little push.

I’ve released a new clip even called Your Destiny: My Money Toy because it’s so very true. You were MADE to be MY money toy. You were born to be USED by ME as nothing more than a wallet. I love to open your eyes to truth, because it is stranger than fiction. In the fiction world you’re a man who has pride, and strength, and control. You’re someone the people around you respect, and you impact your world with a powerful influence. But in truth, you are a weak puppet, crawling with your face an inch above the floor, your arms extended out in front of you with your wallet dangling precariously from your tingling fingertips. Your ego is deflated, your self-esteem gone and your control ripped away by none other than me. Your wallet is the symbol of exactly where you belong, and where I stand. The money I pillage from your accounts a symbol of your loss of power.

This weekend, you WILL feel your wallet being drained by ME. This weekend you WILL explore just how weak you can become for me. The need to lose control and pleasure me is overwhelming in you. This weekend you WILL give in to me again and again. We both know the truth here, your self-worth is based on how happy YOU make ME. Without giving to me, without making me happy you feel worthless. And lets face it, you most likely are in that case. It’s best for you to let go and feel the drive within you that wants to submit, that NEEDS to submit.

Isn’t that so kind of ME, your financial Goddess, to give you direction on how to be a good slave boy for me. Isn’t that SO sweet of me to be looking out for my special money pets, to be making sure you know your place and providing to you a chance to fulfill your destiny.

Sometimes I just amaze myself. Here I am financially dominating so many boys, and yet I take the time out of my pampered day to do something thoughtful for you. I am such an amazing Goddess and I know for a fact that YOU (YES YOU) can not resist me. I know for a fact that YOU are here every single day obsessing over me. I know you are here DREAMING of being USED as my MONEY TOY. You will be part of my flock, you will give in. It might not be today, it might not even be next week, but you will break. You will crack, that resolve will melt away and you will finally feel what it is like to be used the way you were meant to be. And let me tell you, it is out of this world.

financial domination photos, financial domme goddess posh, money slavery

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Two of my favorite things are financial domination and breast worship. I believe any boy who submits to me like a good Posh puppet knows this already. What better way for ME to weaken even MORE boys than by combining the two for a RED HOT financial domination clip.

All it takes is a little manipulation from ME and you’re ready to hand out that cash you worked so hard for. I know you try to fight it, try to tell yourself you need that money for BORING things like bills and food, BUT giving into me is just TOO much fun. It’s TOO easy to let go and feel the ecstasy of being a good boy and submitting to your supreme financial Goddess Posh.

Watch my Red Hot Financial Domination clip and see if you don’t become a slave to my breasts. My breasts will OWN that wallet. My RED HOT lips will convince you that the only place you belong in life is on your knees in worship of your Goddess. My RED HOT satin bra will drive you deep into FINANCIAL LUST, you will feel nothing but complete submission for MY power as you sink deeper and deeper into debt for me. You ARE my financial boytoy, you ARE my walking wallet and I DO love to use you so. Why shouldn’t I combine my love for money and power with your love for my perfect breasts? I get exactly what I want from you puppet, you’re weak for me. So weak, and so helpless to resist becoming MY financial fuck toy.

You can buy the file on clips4sale right now, and will also be adding it to LULU as soon as I can.
Goddess Posh Breasts Own your Wallet

I’ve taken over your life, consumed your thoughts with nothing other than POSH POSH POSH. You sleep and dream of giving me cash, you awake and instantly run to the computer to check on your Goddess, every action you take induces you into either a sense of pride (for making Goddess happy by doing the right thing) or a sense of guilt (for being a bad, bad boy). My brainwashing has worked in ways you don’t even realize yet. It’s so easy to brainwash you because you felt naturally drawn to me. It’s only RIGHT for you to kneel in submission for me. This is who you were meant to be, do not try to fight it. It will only anger me, and I know you do not want to anger your Goddess.

I’ve been LOVING all the gifts you buy me on my amazon.com wishlist, but I’m always in the mood for MORE! I can’t ever have enough. The more you give the hotter I get, realizing just how WEAK you are! Mmmmm & I know you want to be a good boy and make me VERY happy, which is why you’ll be sending ME a giftcard immediately. Send it to posh@poshmessiah.com and THANK ME for allowing you the privilege of giving to me.

Buying me a gift from my wishlist is a very personal and special privilege as well- do you feel you are worthy enough for such an honor? Email ME & ask for permission, tell ME why I should let you hand-pick for me a gift that will make me remember you every time I use it.. I just love to hear a man beg for permission to CATER to me!

Also, for those of you who are worried about privacy issues and blackmail (which I no longer engage in due to I don’t NEED to because I’m powerful enough without it) lulu.com (my storefront is here: http://www.poshmessiah.com/theWord/findommeclips/) does NOT give me any information, I’m not even sent an email each time you buy a clip. Which reminds me.. Mr. France, I know you are on my site often, I see you have clicked ALL of the files and then I notice my sales jump up, so being intelligent (yes amazing aren’t I) I put it together that YOU gave in and bought them ALL up!

You have one left to go, it’s called Paypal for Posh and includes my Yahoo ID. I know you want to buy it like a good Posh addict. I know you’re my next wallet victim and you’re aching to give in fully. Come join the others in your proper place at My feet, worshiping and serving your Goddess.

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