Update: New file to purchase on NF P2V or pay for password directly! Page added to website which is password protected, The Five Karmic Laws of Worship! MUST HAVE for ALL MY followers.

The Five Karmic Laws of Worship

I request your presence at the downfall of man, where woman heralded by her beauty and grace seizes your mortal soul and conquers your wallet! I am your Goddess & you shall bow to my Holy desires.

I demand your chivalry and your obedience, one by one following behind your leader as the sheep and brethren of My society. Aren’t you all so weak and branded by MY enchanting spell, your whole body warped into a pay piggy drone for Goddess!

I’ve come to this Earth for the purpose of one reason, to be worshiped as the Goddess I am! Bringing to mere pathetic mortal men the possibility for purpose, for truth, for light. For without MY beauty to conquer your nightmares you would flounder in selfishness and materialistic greed. With MY enchanting power granting you a reprieve from the vile evilness of this world you finally have a chance to be MORE than just a zombie of the capitalism underbelly of society. ONLY through SACRIFICING to your Goddess are you able to escape the doom of this corrupted wasteland. I am the link between the dark abyss and the eternal afterlife of pleasure. Only through ME, only through Goddess Posh, are you going to reach your true potential.

Shed yourself of all worries, your mind is tainted by the constant fret over bills and financial needs. Let go of all doubt as you relinquish control and you will see that surviving in poverty opens your mind and your heart to the real energies and influence of the universe! Only by suffering in the name of Posh Messiah do you bare witness to the extreme pleasure of being a financial slave! It is time to begin your Financial Apocalypse, time to embrace your role as MY subservient disciple, who walks in faith and fills his mind NOT with the brainwashing of society or the materialistic greed of his nation but with the words and wisdom of his perfect, beautiful, all-knowing Goddess.

It is a gift to rid oneself of all the worries he holds, and it is a gift I offer to you. Focusing instead on MY pleasure is the way, the truth, the light.. it is how you MUST live your life if you are to be fulfilled. Endure pain so I may experience MORE luxury. Sacrifice your own monetary greed so I may cusp the finest jewels in my perfect hands! How exciting it is for you to lose what you once thought was important and to find the truth: Goddess is EVERYTHING! Why without ME you are truly just a lost cause, forsaken by all. Left to your own devices you would continue to build worry in your mind, bogging it down and losing touch with what truly matters. The ancient truth which has been hidden for centuries, unburied by the Birth of Goddess- and only through serving ME will you reveal this truth and experience the light. There is much to learn beneath the chambers of greed and power, but a boy must let go and give to his Leader. I am that Leader, I am the Light, I am the Way, through ME you will find your calling.

The path is laid before you. Are you going to walk away and continue your dire life of boring self-indulgence?

I didn’t think so. Now, it is time to indulge in your spiritual awakening through Goddess! Below you will find the link to MY prayer, which you MUST memorize and repeat daily on your knees. You will also find a pretty button to CLICK and SEND, it will be one of MANY financial tributes you make to your Money Domme.

Click on MY photo & get taken directly to the check-out page for the PRAYER which will ENHANCE your service to ME.


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I don’t know about you, but I don’t like limits which is why I created this little niteflirt financial domination pay2view just for you and I.

I have to warn you, today I am feeling totally greedy and want nothing more than to break your limits and push you into total financial ruin. I’m SO ready for a hot and hard wallet rape. Are you the lucky money slave who gets to experience my one of a kind intense mindwash ATM draining? Send me an email and lets find out if you have what it takes to bring a tingle to Poshy.

Limitless Wallet Rape for the Self-Destructive

Vortex of Financial Slaughter

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Recently my most favorite gift to receive has been my new camera from puppet steven, a Nikon D40x and a Canon Powershot G12. I love taking photo’s and both camera’s are a few steps up from my Sony Cyber-Shot. Of course I am obsessive about any of my hobbies so I must always have the latest and the greatest, which means you have a lot to go shopping for. I am allowing you the chance to really make me happy with buying for me camera gear which I will never pay for out of my own money. That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it wallet boy.
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I have in my possession the power to destroy you. I know your Achilles heel and I know when and how to strike. I have total control over your final destiny. Do I allow you to live as my puppet, forever under my spell, or do I crush the very life from you? Generally if you’re a bad boy you receive hell, and if you’re a good boy you receive Heaven though ultimately there is one factor you can’t control and that is what mood I am in and how badly I want to see you suffer.

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Ooooh pay piggy, it’s time you learned the code and followed it diligently. Believe me, this will be the best thing to happen in your sad little life. All you have to do is send a nice big tribute to your deserving Financial Domme (ME) as you listen to and memorize every word of The Code

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Tiny Antoine is all locked up in his pink prison for ME. His little clitty is always leaking, but never ever does it receive the pleasure of cumming. His tiny knows, understands, that the only release Antoine will be receiving is of his slave wages into my pretty greedy hands! Being chaste for Goddess is in fact an  honor, a privilege for which his tiny bows down and thanks Me for allowing. I am such a sweet and generous Goddess to allow this cuckold bitch to wrap his tiny useless thingy up in the name of Posh and rest assured he will never be allowed to stroke his dirty boy parts again. It’s really such a filthy habit for you jerk off masters to be playing with yourselves as you visit my website and drain your wallets on MY luxury, it’s such a disgusting way for piggies to behave. Chastity is the perfect solution, but only those who beg like humble bitches will receive the guidance and instructions you so crave & need from this Fem Domme.

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Erotic Fem Domme Story

Posted by GoddessPosh on Friday Mar 18, 2011 Under Blackmail, Fem Domme, Financial Domination, MindFuck

This is a FICTIONAL story written by me. It involves forced orgasm, blackmail, queening, smothering, wallet rape, financial domination and sex between two consenting adults. If you are easily offended do not read. You must be 18+ to read this erotic Fem Domme story. If you are a money slave who see’s me as your superior Goddess and know I would NEVER have sex with you, remember this is FICTION. It’s NEVER going to happen, but a boy can dream can’t he.

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Money $$ for MY Vacation Financial Slaves

Posted by GoddessPosh on Friday Feb 18, 2011 Under Financial Domination, Goddess Worship

If you haven’t picked it up from my tweets or my chatroll let me fill you in, again. I am going on a road trip tomorrow! I will bring my laptop and perhaps log in once in a while, because you know me I can’t stay away from your wallet for too long or I start jonesing. I intend to relax and have a beautiful trip across the country to visit my mom. If you’re one of my VIP boys you have access to a brand new exclusive clip! So join VIP by sending $200 if you want to see more of ME, and we all know you do. Why deny it?

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Hello my helpless love-struck fans, puppets and slave boys! Did you have a fabulous Valentines worshiping MY photos and words? Did you spend even more time (is that possible?) bowing before your collection of Poshy goods today? That’s a good boy, doing as you’re told and you have been told time and time again to make special time just for meditating on ME daily.

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The Posh Sissy Shop

Posted by GoddessPosh on Wednesday Jan 19, 2011 Under C4S, Fem Domme, Feminization, Financial Domination

Guess what boys, I have a new sissy shop available. Now if you’re one of my money slaves chances are you aren’t interested in exploring this fetish which is fine with me. I didn’t make it for YOU, now did I. It’s for the SISSY SLUTS who have loved me for so long now and who I abandoned a couple of years ago due to their overwhelming neediness. Read More

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Aww my poor boys, I know you’ve been missing me. Every day you come back hoping to see a glorious update, waiting on the edge of your seat to hear from your alluring & seductive Goddess- I am the reason for the very breath you take and what would you do without me. I know you feel so sad, so alone, as each day goes by. This cloud of despair does have a silver lining though. Read More

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Objectified Money Puppet Ogled by Poshy

Posted by GoddessPosh on Friday Dec 31, 2010 Under Financial Domination, Money Slaves, youtube

Centuries have passed with women being nothing but an object to own, a posession to claim, a piece of property to confine and restrict. Even now we’re still objectified as a sexual object for the pleasure of men. You boys do the same thing, you look at my breasts and you grow weak but still you fantasize. You put me on a pedestal, over your wife or girlfriend, because I am the perfect creature that torments your soul and taunts your cock and it all started the moment your laid eyes on me. Read More

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