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This is a FICTIONAL story written by me. It involves forced orgasm, blackmail, queening, smothering, wallet rape, financial domination and sex between two consenting adults. If you are easily offended do not read. You must be 18+ to read this erotic Fem Domme story. If you are a money slave who see’s me as your superior Goddess and know I would NEVER have sex with you, remember this is FICTION. It’s NEVER going to happen, but a boy can dream can’t he.

If you are a fan, a reader, a slave, a money puppet, or an awesome Domme who doesn’t conform to stereotypes please enjoy this story. I have just written it tonight, and have not run it through any edits, but I find it incredibly hot!


If you want to skip ahead to the sex scene (after the first paragraph) look for the *****’s you pervert!

-Goddess Posh

Trapped & Conquered

My red fingernails dragged down his heaving chest, the look of fear and anticipation in his eye sent a shiver through my skin and pleasure into the pit of my stomach. His wrists were fastened through the bars of my headboard with handcuffs, not my particularly favorite way to keep a boy in place but in a quickie they had to do. I reached into my toy box on the end table and pulled out my brightly colored silk scarves. These were what I loved to tease and play with. How could something so gentle and soft be used to create such torture in a person. The contrast is what drove me crazy and I slowly tickled him along his face and down his neck before straddling his lap. His raging erection pushed against the material of my panties and I ground down against him as I leaned my breasts over his face and wrapped the scarves around his wrists, before removing the cuffs.


“There, much better” I whispered into his ear as he squirmed beneath me. His struggling was pushing his cock against my wet panties and for a moment I allowed it, reminiscing about how he had come to be mine.

A few miles from home my tire went flat. I knew how to change it but I waited, I wasn’t getting MY hands dirty and I knew before long some ape of a man would show up and be more than happy to do it for me. Soon enough one did come along, and his eyes were glued to my cleavage the whole time. I thought to myself how much fun it would be to get a man like him back to my house and teach him a lesson for being such an obvious pervert.

I watched him sweating in the sun, thinking to myself how us women have it made. We never have to do any of that nasty man work, all we have to do is pretend like it’s too hard and their little egos have them bending over backward showing us how it’s not. I stifled a giggle as he finished up with my tire, him dirty and sweaty and myself the exact opposite.

“Thank you. I don’t know what I would have done without you.” I gushed in a soft voice, making him feel so special.

“I’d hate to leave a beautiful girl like you out here for too long.” His eyes once again dropped to my cleavage as he licked his lips. I let a giggle escape, knowing it always makes these boys turn into mush and unable to think straight.

“It’s not safe for a young woman like yourself at this time of night. I should follow you home in case your spare doesn’t hold up.” The almost sinister sound in his voice sparked my curiosity, what did he plan to do to me when we got back to my house?

“Oooh you’re right, yes please do. I live a few miles north of here.” I looked at him with my big blue eyes as I twirled my blond hair in my fingers.

He jumped into his car and followed me, the whole time I giggled as I knew he was trying to formulate a way to get into my panties. Men were just like that, perverts who needed sex from multiple women. It had nothing to do with wanting to be faithful to their partners, they just had a biological need to spread their seed and since I happened to be very curvy and feminine I was always attracting sexual attention.

I parked in the driveway and he pulled in behind me, jumping out of his vehicle before I could even get my seat belt off. I grabbed my purse and climbed out slowly, giving him a peek of my deep cleavage.

“Do you have any bags you’d like me to carry in for you. I’m sure you’ve been in your heels all day.” I could see the look of desire in his eyes as I stretched upward, exposing more of my flesh. The damsel in distress always gets them, I giggled to myself.

“Yes, back seat.” I walked to the front door of my house and let us both in, he set my packages down on the counter.

“Would you care for something to drink?” He shook his head yes and I grabbed him a beer from the fridge and a water for myself. I walked into the living room and he followed me.

“Have a seat.” He sat on one side of my sofa, and I on the other. “Thank you again for your help.”

“No problem. So do you live alone?”

“Yes.” I lied

“Doesn’t a girl like you worry about creeps?”

“What do you mean?” I feigned innocence as I leaned forward looking into his eyes intently listening to every word.

“You know, people who follow young women like yourself home just so they can rape or rob her, or hell even both.”

“No. I don’t worry at all silly. I have a lock on my door.”

“A lock won’t stop a man if he’s on a mission, dear.”


His patronizing tone and look of caution brought a feeling of anger into my throat. Who did HE think he was speaking down to me. I knew he was just pretending to care because he wanted to make me feel safe and comfortable. He wanted me to feel like he was on my side so I’d be more vulnerable to his moves. Little did he know he was the on being played the whole time. My baby face and soft voice always made men go dumb in the head, they could never understand just how manipulative and powerful I really am. I looked over my shoulder, out the window pretending to be scared and scooted closer to him.

“Now that I think of it there was a guy outside my house yesterday.” Growing impatient I decided to push things along a little. “You know you really are so nice and thoughtful, well and you know.. umm well..cute. I’m so lucky you stopped to help me and followed me home. I don’t want to be here alone all night with that creep hanging around outside my house.”

“Do you have someone you can call?”

“No, I just moved here. I don’t know anybody in this town.” Another lie and I scooted even closer to him.

“I can stay for a while if you want.” His voice had taken on that certain tone, you know the one that men get when they really want you to say yes and they pretend like they don’t care either way but you can tell behind the indifference is an anticipation that is killing him.

“Sure. I’d like that.” I got up and grabbed him another beer.

We sat up for a few hours talking, me supplying him with beer, and him becoming more aggressive as time passed. Eventually he attempted to kiss me, and to his surprise I allowed it. I kissed him back and the taste of beer on his lips made me sick, I hate beer. I slid my tongue against his lips, tracing them delicately. My apparent approval revved him up, he pushed his body down on top of me slamming me into the back of my sofa as his hands pawed at my breasts. I thrust his hands against his chest, forcing him away and stood up, beckoning with my finger.

“Not out here. My bedroom.” He followed me into my room and his clothes hit the floor in an instant. I pulled my toy box from under the bed and set it on the end table. I hiked my skirt up revealing my pink panties and straddled him in the bed. His mouth quickly gravitated to mine and we made out for a few seconds as I fumbled in my box. My hands closed around the handcuffs and I pulled them out slipping one cuff around one of his wrist and using my other hand I forced his arm above his head and slid the cuff through the bars and around his other wrist before he even knew what was happening.

I pulled away from him before giggling and hopping off. I stood and admired my work, there he was cuffed to my bed, completely nude and with no way out. He looked confused at first, and then a look of calm realization hit his face.

“Oh you like it rough!” His voice croaked as he pushed his hips into the air.

“Yeah you could say I like it rough.” I slapped him across his face and told him not to speak unless spoken too. He yelped and his body lurched away from me as far as the cuffs would allow. I felt the sting of it on my hand as I rubbed my fingers through his hair. “Aww did that frighten you?”

“Poor baby.” I cooed into his ear as I nestled up against his chest and idly allowed my hand to work it’s way down to his throbbing cock. I grabbed it in my hand and yanked on it. “Were you planning to do bad things to me with this big icky cock of yours?”

“No, no no. I thought you wanted it.”

“Did you think you were going to trick a poor innocent girl into having a one night stand? Don’t lie to me or I’ll hurt you.” I put slight pressure against his cock with my fingernails and he winced.

“No.” I started digging into his flesh. “I mean no, I thought you were into me.” I dragged a fingernail up his shaft and looked up into his face, delighted by his obvious discomfort in not knowing what would be next. …

The memory had induced another wave of excitement in me. His hands now bound by the silk scarves he pulled ever so gently against them, testing their strength. Instead of loosening up they tightened even more and his eyes widened as he realized he wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.

“What do you want from me.” I stood up and lit a candle. I looked at him and the evil pleasure I was feeling must have been apparent as he shuddered when he looked into my eyes. I grabbed the candle and climbed back onto my bed, lowering myself to his face, my back to the headboard, I pushed my panty clad ass and pussy into his mouth.

“I told you to keep your mouth shut. Since you’re obviously incapable of obeying I’ll just keep it shut for you.” I balanced on my toes and knees, rising up once in a while to allow him the chance to grasp air and forcing his face back into the depths of my perfectly round ass. The candle had pooled a nice amount of hot wax and I poured it out slowly all over his raging erection and tight balls. The moment that hot wax seared his penis he jerked up and his face pushed harder into my cunt. I pushed back and buried his nose and mouth until he couldn’t breathe at all.

I peeled the wax slowly off of his cock and kissed it all better gently as he thrashed beneath me desperate for air. My bottom wasn’t just queening him but completely depriving him of his very life force. His smothered body finally grew still and I knew he had given up fighting. I lifted off of him and a long gasp of air could be heard filling his lungs.

“Now, remember my special little victim, you aren’t to speak unless spoken to.” He looked at me like I was a crazy lady, and maybe I was, but all that did was make me giggle and I grabbed my tummy as a fit of laughter erupted from me.

I cuddled up next to him and kissed him on his lips. I could taste myself on his mouth, warm and heavenly and I knew he loved every moment of it. He was as much a pervert as I, and despite his struggles and the few pleas he had made I could see by his obviously rock hard member that he couldn’t get enough. I fell asleep for an hour or two and when I woke up he was completely passed out. Perfect, I thought to myself.

I slowly rose from the bed and grabbed his jeans. He had his wallet and cell phone with, I removed both and tossed his jeans aside. I snooped through his list and wrote down the numbers to his ‘mom’ ‘girlfriend’ and ‘boss’. I took photos on his phone of him tied up on my bed. I hid it in my purse in case I might need it later, if he decided to get out of line. I then stuffed his license and credit cards into my top drawer, I had plans to take myself shopping online while I forced him to watch helplessly.

As he slept I climbed back on top, my panties once again the only thing separating me from his now limp cock. I slowly stuffed another pillow under his head and then pushed my breasts into face, his mouth and nose now between my cleavage as I used his body for my own sexual gratification. Knowing he would wake up to the darkness between my large smooth breasts, barely able to breathe, aroused me to no end. I had to get off and he had to be the OBJECT of my desire. I didn’t want him to wake up yet but as I found myself grinding onto him and getting closer to finishing my hands gripped his hair and yanked on it, startling him awake. I could feel him struggling beneath me, and his boytoy cock had begun to react to the feeling of my wet panties grinding into him.

I reached down and slid my panties to the side, the tip of his cock now resting against my smooth wet pussy. I pushed myself lower until my head was right next to his ear and with one hand still gripping his hair, I pulled his head back exposing his neck. I slid my tongue up his neck and bit down on his warm flesh. He yelped as the pain rushed through his body and I felt his cock twitch against me. I could feel him pushing his hips up, trying to penetrate me. Desperately he needed to cum, but I wouldn’t allow it, not yet anyway. I slowly, smoothly lowered myself down on his pulsing cock. The first stroke felt so intense I moaned into his ear and told him he was a very bad boy. I began to ride him, fast and hard, with one hand on his throat choking him and the other wrapped under his body.

“You love being used like a little bitch don’t you boy.”

“Yes” he groaned out, which made me release his neck and wrap both my arms around him, digging my nails into his back and holding myself tight to his body.

“Yess you’re a little bitch for me, my little fuck toy. Say it.”

“I’m your little fuck toy. Please use me to get off.” With that my body tightened up and I felt myself spasm into an intense orgasm all over his cock. He pushed his hips up, fucking into me as I dragged my fingernails down his back leaving marks. He kept going, and right as he was about to cum I climbed off and waved my finger at him.

“No no no my little bitch. You don’t get to cum.” He yelled out in frustration and I watched as his poor cock, slippery wet and so swollen, twitched against his abdomen. I decided it was time to reward myself further for my fine job of catching a bitch. I grabbed my laptop from the dresser and his credit card and license, I sat right beside him and flipped my computer on.

“Look what I found.” My sweet sing song voice rang through the air as he eyed me with his credit card. “What is your card limit?”

“Ten Thousand” he whispered. I felt a rush of pleasure in me as I opened up paypal.

“Give me your paypal login.”

“Please. Please, no. I can’t afford it.” I reached over and lit the candle again, giving him a dirty look. He didn’t realize it but his begs for mercy only made me feel more aroused and greedy.

“Now.” He conceded when he realized he had no choice and gave up the information I needed. I logged in as lay there tied down and helpless to stop me. While he watched I clicked around spying on his previous transactions and took a few screen shots of vital information like his bank account numbers and home address. Finally I clicked on the ‘send money’ link and sent one thousand dollars to myself. The whole time he begged me not to, pleaded with me to show him mercy, squirmed and twitched and fought it. Yet, there was nothing he could do, and I was just getting started.

His lack of control over the situation made me feel like a giddy school girl. I couldn’t help but to giggle every time he struggled and begged me to stop. I sent myself one thousand after one thousand until I’d reached his limit. He lay there, hopeless to defeat me but I could see in his eyes that me being so happy was a turn on for him. He liked knowing he was giving me pleasure by being a wallet for me.

“First you were my little fuck toy but now, now you’re my helpless wallet, aren’t you bitch.” He nodded his head yes as I giggled at him some more. “Lets see what your limit REALLY is.”

His eyes widened and he shook his head no but a drop of precum oozed from his cock. I once again went to send money on paypal and this time I typed in five thousand. I watched him, waiting before hitting the send button, to see his reaction. I always felt a sense of glee when pushing a boy over the edge, and the manic look in his eyes said it all. He knew he had enough and he knew I was going to take it.

Tell me, ‘Going into debt for you is sexy’ and I grabbed him by his face and made him look at the screen as I pushed the send button. His body went rigid and he pulled with all his strength on his silk binds which caused me to feel an instant surge of pleasure in my panties. I pushed his face away from me and grabbed the candle.

“Don’t fucking lie to me again.” I poured it all over his body, his chest, his cock, his abdomen. He winced as it burned flesh and begged me to stop, thrashing below my assault. “Do you think your girlfriend would like to see you this way, you were going to cheat on her with me you disgusting pig.”

I took his cell phone out and showed him the images I’d snapped earlier. “If you don’t want these sent to everyone in your contacts list you’re going to do exactly as I say.” He shook his head in agreement.

I released his arms, which by now had fallen asleep and they dropped to his side. I grabbed out my camcorder and I put up dirty pictures on my computer of animated school girls, which, aside from being extremely perverted, is illegal in the United States. I told him to watch the anime perversion and stroke his dick, talking about how much he LOVES being a pervert more than he loves fucking his girlfriend. He furiously jerked his cock and I knew he meant every word of it, this man was a certified creep and I loved that I used him for my own pleasure. His hand flexed around his shaft, squeezing it as he looked at me and moaned how much he loved being used and looking at dirty porn more than he loved his girlfriend.

I threatened to mail out the video clip of him masturbating to everyone he cared about if he didn’t obey. I made him promise to get another credit card just for me, and that from now on when I wanted to go shopping or get fucked he would be at my beckon call ready to service me.

“Let go of your dirty cock.” his hand slid off of it and I set my camera down. I straddled him and pulled my panties aside, before releasing a hot stream of piss all of his dick and balls. “You’re a bad bad boy, but now.. now you’re my little bitch. I’m going to make sure you are always put to use making ME happy for the rest of your life.” I swung around and lowered myself over his face, “clean me up now whore” and his tongue immediately darted out to clean every drop of urine off of my smooth bald cunt. I grabbed his cock in my hand. “You have until I count to 10 to cum.” and I began stroking him hard and fast as he rubbed his tongue up my thighs and across my clit.

“One” I stroked harder, pushing myself against his face smothering him once again.

“Two” His hands slid up my thighs and grabbed me by the hips pulling me even deeper into his mouth.

“Three” I felt him starting to twitch, his hips rocking up to meet the rhythm of my hand.

“You’re such a bitch for me, you know that, four.” I gripped his balls and squeezed, “Five, I own you my little toy. I can do whatever I want with you. Six. Seven. Eight. You better cum for me you dirty pervert.” He shoved his hips up hard and fast, thrusting himself roughly in my palm and his balls tightened up as his impending orgasm traveled through his body. I felt his fingers dig into my thighs as he pulled me harder into his mouth still, his tongue shoved deep into my pussy as he humped my pretty little hand. “You cum when I tell you to don’t you my little bitch boy. Nine. Ten.” I pulled my hand away from him just as he started to shoot his load of cum all over himself, his hips bucking as he finally released over six hours of sexual frustration and teasing.

“Didn’t that feel so good my pet, to be used by me hmmmm?” I purred as I climbed down from his face, and settled in next to him.

“Yesss yesss” he could barely breathe and in my mind his fate as my toy was sealed.


To Be Continued- would you enjoy a second part to this story? Send me an email and a tribute to show your appreciation my special pet. Email  to request I continue this or to express your pleasure and weakness at having read my Fem Domme tale with a giftcard from amazon!! Tributes can be sent here Tribute me HERE..NOW puppet.. mm good boy!


I can’t wait to hear all about how weak you are for me and how badly you too want to be my own special bitch. I know we are going to have SO much fun together.


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