Surrender your Soul Along With your Cash

I can’t believe the week is coming to and end. It has gone by so quickly, not only did I have a fabulous birthday but gifts were of course pouring in all week.. well mainly CASH gifts, and you subbies know thats what I love most. So many potential new slaves this week as well, and here I am already leaving you for a weekend away. Did you really think giving me everything I wanted would keep me around, hahaha.

I am really developing a deeper passion for hypnosis and have been studying it more thoroughly. As you know my clips are ‘hypnotic’ but I am still learning how to create a great induction. Of course, those of you that are obsessed with me may find it a bit easier to fall into a trance, knowing how powerful I really am, what I’m truly capable of and oh of course being in love with me doesn’t hurt.

I fell asleep last night dreaming about how I would love to use hypnosis to punish an intruder.. it just struck me if someone was in my home going through my unmentionables(*teehee*) drawer how I could make them sink into a deep trance and implant all kinds of evil triggers in their mind. Most likely if anyone was doing that it would be you ERIC because you’re a pervert and a creeper no matter what you say. I ought to report you to you know who and get you FIRED from your job that you hate so much! Now, is that what you were scared of.. please, do clarify..

I have this button, its a beautiful button, worth $999 on niteflirt. I have a lot of compulsive Posh Junkies that love to push this button, over and over. When it comes to giving in to my financial lust, and handing over the cash to My flawless insatiable hands, some of you seem to hit a wall. This wall needs to be knocked the hell down, but for now I have decided to catapult your ass over it. Temporary fix, I’m sure, you’ll need deeper conditioning to permanently remove that wall but for a very quick and very effective fix I have made this MP3. The name of it of course matches the subject of my favorite button: Surrender your Soul Along With your Cash. Yummy.

Here is that perfectly amazing button:
This is an intense 5 minutes that will affect your subconscious and conscious mind alike. It is filled with brainwashing, subliminal messages, psychological torment and emotional entrapment. Meant to be played on repeat, listen three times immediately after purchase and follow up daily. This MP3 is sure to sink deep into your mind leaving you with only ONE desire, and that is to hit PAY on my $999 button, or else life might never be the same for you after.. wink

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