Summer of MONEY for Financial Goddess

Wow this summer is already coming to a close and I for one can not believe it. Time is so mysterious and strange to me, it goes by way too fast. Of course I am sure you boys are happy about it, since I am always less available in the summer and much more available in the fall and winter although you DO still send your FINANCIAL DONATIONS all season long because as you know, a day should not go by where you are not in service to your Goddess.

I expect, in fact, to see MORE contributions. MUCH MORE. As you know I LOVE photography. It’s a passion of MINE to make beautiful photos and I am still learning, and always ALWAYS on a quest to add MORE to my collection of camera gear. This means you can purchase for me ANY of the camera gear on my wishlist, and send paypal cash for photography props, and I will be a VERY happy Goddess! There are multiple lenses that I want, and YOU are going to pay for it. You can pay with an giftcard as well, send those to & I expect to see one FIVE minutes after this blog post goes LIVE so scurry your addicted behind to amazon and MAKE ME HAPPY!

I expect the best behavior from you money toys, even if I am not always around to personally mindfuck and rape you I KNOW you will always, always, find a way to GIVE IN and be my helpless puppet.

My radio show is such a huge hit with your addicts too and I know you’re dying for me to make the next installment. I actually have a surprise guest lined up for the next show, but I am not going to tell you who it is. You’ll just have to tune in and find out. I am sure you will recognize her voice right away.

VIP boys I plan to make a new special clip for you this week too. If you’re NOT yet VIP you NEED to be. Not only does it endear you to ME more, but it also shows me that you’re committed to getting as deeply involved in MY world of financial domination as you can.

Click & Spend Puppet:

See now doesn’t it feel so good to be my automatic MINDLESS MONEY MACHINE! Clicking & SPENDING cash on MY divine pleasure is soooooooo delicious. I know you simply can’t help but to OBEY. Mmmm good boy.

Send your tributes my wallets!

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10 years ago

I have never longed for a payday more. Goddess Posh has placed me on a strict No clips No pics ban until I can offer up a tribute more befitting of her. Through her perfect programming I have realised that indulging in clips is only for good boys and that only by tributing her through cash and gifts first before begging for permission to view her divine image can I truly find happiness. Happiness in submitting to a superior Goddess. All I want is for her to be happy!