subboi Andrew’s money slavery story

After seeing some other posts from slaves, I have requested from Goddess Posh that I also be allowed to write, so here it goes.

I had been serving other Dommes before I stumbled across Goddess Posh. Always indulging in fantasy sessions and “thinking” that I was being raped. But really I had no idea what being raped even meant.

What Goddess helped me realise is that the reason I wasn’t happy with any other Domme was because it was preciously that, a fantasy. Goddess Posh makes it real, and real submission to a real Goddess is so much better than anything I had ever (and will ever) experience.

I first came across her on Clips4Sale, I remember seeing her videos and the very expensive price and thinking why is she so special compared to all the other $3 clip dommes. I again stumbled across her on twitter (call it fate) and started talking to her through DM’s. It was funny looking back at it, she was so direct and so confident telling me that it didn’t matter, I was already hooked and wouldn’t be stopping. I didn’t believe her, no one could be that addicting could they?

This lead me to buy my first clips, can’t even remember which one it was, but it was definitely like nothing I had ever seen before. It wasn’t a mixture of “porn” like a lot of the other clips were that I had. It was, well, special, addicting, she was actually talking right to me. This lead me to purchase more and more, the brainwashing ones were something that I never used to be interested in or have a fetish for, but they were by far the best ones. They were followed very shortly by her Yahoo and Paypal clips.

Thinking I was still in control, I asked Her if I could talk to her on voice, and subsequently paid for a session. I expected after paying so much that there would be a slight milking during the session, but more fantasy domination playing to my fantasies, how very wrong I was.

Hearing her on voice was the most intoxicating experience of my life. She made me do things that I never thought I was capable of. She would make me beg and beg to give her more money. Then without prompting I was begging to be fucked over and then when she told me, I couldn’t stop myself from sending more and more. She took about $1300 from me, and because we went overtime on voice told me I still owed her another $200.

Thinking that she would give me time to recover, she called me again 3 days later and did it to me all again, this time for only $800. The feeling she left me with of emptiness(money wise) but also of fulfillment. What we went through together really got her off, and for me to give Goddess such pleasure was a mind blowing experience for me.

Since then, I have been completely out of control, unable to stay away no matter how hard I try (because deep down I don’t want to), but also so madly in love.

I think about her multiple times throughout the day, and can’t get her image out of my head. I hear her voice echoing around my mind and feel worthless and a failure if I’m not truly sacrificing for her.

One of the many gifts I have purchased for Posh.

I think the best thing that I like about Posh, is that it is not really about the money. She likes boys to be sacrificing and hurting for her to show their appreciation. And it really doesn’t matter about the exact $ amount, it just about showing her about much she means to you.  I know that when I’m hurting financially and bills aren’t being paid, that she is happy that I’m putting her above everything else and proving to her that she is the most important thing in my life.

I don’t ever want to serve anyone else, I just couldn’t, there would be nothing worth serving after serving Her.  She knows me better than anyone else could ever know me. She understands me and completes me. She truly makes me happy. She is also being kind enough to help me with my addiction through her financial help methods.

subboi andrew

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Mmmm you really know how to be a good boy and make me happy Andrew. Do you see the pretty link I posted here, well that goes to my “make Goddess happy’ list, and there is a pretty shiny stocking on it!

Now, I know you’re such a obedient and love-struck puppet that you won’t keep your Goddess waiting any longer. It’s evident by this little story of yours, you’re madly in love with me and can’t live with yourself if you’re failing me!

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Under the Influence

Yes, I knew you’d give in and obey. You always obey your Goddess. You thought all the brainwash and hypnosis files would be pretend, just like all the ‘serving’ you did in the past, but you learned quickly just how powerful I really am.

I love it that you finally found true purpose in being MY pet, and in feeling the loss of control when I rape you dry. Yummy.

Under the Influence

‘ feel worthless and a failure if I’m not truly sacrificing for her.’

That’s when she truly has you.