Steven Erickson of Minnesota is a DIRTY OLD FREAK

Minnesota is definitely proud to be home to THIS old freak! I’m sure they love it that a married man is not only a money bitch to young women but the fact that he went and met another man IN PERSON to be ass raped while on vacation and then returned home to his wife.. well that makes him a REAL keeper!

Steven is pathetic and I have him by the balls. Not only do I have his wifes contact info but also his job! I might just call there and ask for him tonight, since I know he’ll be there shaking in his boots waiting for the destruction of his life to commence. I want to see his life DESTROYED and once I am angry enough to be in that mindset it will take a LOT of cash to calm me down.

It will take about 10-12 hours before this is indexed by google. That’s how long you have steven to clear up this debt of yours. You see if you don’t manage to clear it up google will forever have this blog post on cache and any time someone you know goes to google and types in your name and your photo pops up and they click on it they will find THIS blog post. That means anyone you know who happens to get curious what they can find on you will be totally stunned to find THIS.

Stop being a disgusting freak and playing with your nasty little thing and start making ME happy!

I have PLENTY more where this came from, including ALL of your niteflirt history and will mail it ALL to your wife. As a woman I believe it’s my duty to inform another woman of her husbands disgusting ways.

Now don’t worry, if you’re not a bad boy like the pervert pig Steven Erickson is, then you have nothing to worry about. This is punishment for Steven Erickson because his is a BAD BOY & Minnesota deserves to know what kind of inhabitants are living there.

Don’t piss me off.

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