My cultivation project is going according to plan. All of you who are on AUTOMATIC click the above photo like a good AUTOMATIC puppet. Once you click the photo you know what to do.It is AUTOMATIC for you to want to please me, and you AUTOMATICALLY click on the photo like a good AUTOMATIC zombie.

And since you’re such a good AUTOMATIC Posh pet you’ll click on the image below. You want to starve for me, you want to deprive yourself of food and sacrifice for your Goddess. You enjoy suffering AUTOMATIC Posh Apostles.

You really are a good pet aren’t you. I know you want to do nothing more than serve,sacrifice,submit & STARVE for me.

Why should you waste money every day eating hoards of food?

You shouldn’t, and you know this already. You want nothing more than to make me happy. It feels so good to please me.

That’s why you’re going to spend a big chunk of money on this CLIP which will replace your daily lunch. All the money you save will be sent to me at the end of the week, and you will thank me for allowing you to sacrifice on MY behalf.

Four delicious and enticing photos of food, which is exactly what you will be depriving yourself of just for me. Watch it every lunch and feel your stomach ache for me.

You deserve to suffer in the name of your Goddess.

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