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Some.. 'men' … are aroused by Snapped

Yup, its true, there is actually a little club of men who jerk themselves into a coma every time a Snapped marathon airs. Since you’re reading my journal I am going to assume you are some kind of masochistic freak that aches to be manipulated, used and abused by a strong dominant woman.


Now I know for you it stops at being a fantasy, you wouldn’t really want to be murdered, or even experience bankruptcy because of a greedy money sadist. But does it really come to a halt at fantasy? How close to the edge do you think you could get if you started on that path? Really, are you going to deny that you have found yourself caving in to these feelings, no matter how much they make you hate yourself, you can’t control those urges. You have sent cash, cash that you worked so hard for, to this Goddess. While maintaining your anonymity you tasted a bit of what life would be like for you once you accepted your core needs.


I know what you fantasize about, I know how you dream of finding a woman just like the one’s on Snapped. Its your secret desire to marry a woman who walks all over you like a doormat, treating you as her own personal cash making machine, a drone whose only job is to work overtime and tend to her every need. She neglects your sexual urges, tolerates your affections, and ignores you with everything you do, she spends your money every day, padding her closet with more shoes and purses then she could ever possibly use and you find yourself enjoying this. Your debt has become an unmanageable cancer, eating away at your life, and with every dollar deeper you fall into the hole your love for her just grows stronger. Constantly you are adoring her with lavish gifts, taking out extreme personal loans and extending your credit limits. Its never enough for her greed, and in your sick twisted mind, you can’t get enough either. This woman looks like arm trophy to the public eye, the ever doting wife, the apple of your eye, and any outside would agree that your marriage is perfect. Oh but they are clueless to what goes on behind closed doors, aren’t they.


To live a life on the edge, so close to the drop off point, between legal and illegal, between safe and dangerous, sane and insanity.. how exciting, how enticing, how unbearably far from where you are but so close to the truth its frightening.


Consensual money crimes against you, all from a beautiful intelligent woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. That is what you dream about, and that is the reality you can have, it is the truth I present to you.


How much longer will you be able to deny yourself these pleasures?


DB’s heart couldn’t take it..

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